Finding Sky Book Review!



I absolutely LOVE this book! I found it adorable! 

For those who haven’t read it:

This book is about a girl called Sky, she has just recently moved to a place called Wrickenridge with her adoptive parents. Also in the town, is a boy called Zed. Zed comes from a family with seven sons, him being the seventh. 

Zed and Sky both have a gift, though Sky doesn’t know it yet. And they are both share a unique bond. 

I will not go into too much detail, as it would spoil the book!

Now, the review!

The first thing I loved about the book was that it wasn’t too long, it was a lovely light read that  you can pick up one morning and be finished by the evening. Personally, I love stories like that, though I then wish it hadn’t ended. 

I loved the characters. Sky was this shy girl and over the course of the book she really grew into herself but not so much that she became bossy and too-big-for-her-boots like most characters do. Sky remained herself, but became more herself, if that makes sense! 

Though out the book there were so many adorable moments and I couldn’t help but get completely absorbed by it. The book was well written, not too fast and not too slow, there was a good amount of description too. What I mean by “a good amount” is that you were able to picture the places and characters in your mind without drifting into your own thoughts. I found with some books that they have too much description and I end up thinking of something else. However, I didn’t find this while reading Finding Sky. 

Another thing I love with this book is that I found it so original and different from other books. I cannot recall another book that has been like this one, a side from the other books in the series. However, I haven’t read every book, so there may be some with similar ideas, I don’t know. 

As I said previously, the book is a light read. By “light read” I mean that it wasn’t so complex that you had to look up words and you could literally read this book anywhere. Also, the book was generally happy, or if it wasn’t it would get sorted out and everything would be okay in the end. This book is filled with cute laugh-out-loud moments and I remember how I would sit on my sofa reading this book and actually laugh or giggle to myself (call me mad if you want). 

I highly recommend this book to teenagers/ those becoming young adults, as I really think the majority would enjoy this book! For me, it’s one of my favourites of 2015 and I hope to read more from Joss sterling in 2016. 


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