The Bane chronicles chapters 1 and 2 review. 

I have decided to do a chapter by chapter review of “The Bane Chronicles”.  In each review there will be either two or three chapters reviewed and at the end, I will do a review of the book all together!
What really happened in Peru?

Well, in this chapter, you get a series of stories of Magnus’ adventures in Peru with Catarina and Ragnor Fell, two other Warlocks. In this chapter, the description and language is excellent, not to mention the brilliant character development!

The language used really fits in with the time period (1791-) and the description is so good that you can picture the area and the people so well! The description was absolutely faultless!

In the chapter you Lear a lot about Magnus and the way that he thinks and as there are other Worlocks, you pick up information about Worlocks that readers may have missed in other books that include Worlocks.

The chapter started a little slowly, in my opinion, but then they became more exciting and the pace really picked up!

What happens in The Runaway Queen?

This chapter is set in France, 1791. During the time of the French Revolution. In this Chapter Magnus comes across the Royal Family, Vampires and a Monkey! I loved this story because it was witty, clever and beautifully written.

The Runaway Queen was such a gripping story from the very beginning! I loved everything about this story and the language really fit in with the era it was meant to be set in, not only the speech, but Magnus’ thoughts too.

The Runaway Queen was such an interesting chapter for me as I loved the way it was linked in with historical events, and I love this era! The writing was so good that you, as a reader, can really imagine how the area was in 1791. What I also loved, was the fact that the story was historically accurate and there were a few facts.

There was a lot of character development in this chapter for Magnus, and the chapter really showed how quirky and “fabulous” he is!
So far, I’m really enjoying the book, as the pace from chapter to chapter quickens and the stories are really imaginative. Also, they link in slightly with the Shadowhunter books.


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