Everything Everything book review

 Ahhh — where do I start with this book? 

I love this book! And I would rate this book 4 stars, the only reason it isn’t 5 stars because it was so quick, I would have loved it to be longer! 


I loved the characters Maddy and Ollie and I think that they’re just too cute 😊. Maddy is such a well developed character and her past is so interesting and it adds to the story in so many unexpected ways (anyone who’s read it will totally get me on that!) 

One character that I really didn’t like was Maddies Mum. I found she was really stubborn towards Maddie and wouldn’t try to understand how Maddie felt. Though towards the end of the book you know😉. 

I did think that the book was short, which is one of the things that I didn’t like. I felt it was over really quickly, but it’s also a good thing — it was so good that I couldn’t put it down!

I was totally wrapped up by this book I finished it in almost a day and a half. I really enjoy reading books like this— such a good plot twist! I haven’t read that many books with such a huge plot twist in agessss. I could kind of guess what was going to happen, though it was still a really plot twist. The ending was incredibly sweet and I almost screamed into my pillow when I was finished. 

Loved this book, totally recommend it! Honestly, so cute and heart-warming! 

Sorry the review was so short today! 

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