Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Oh my gosh... This book has changed me! I can't believe that at one point in time I didn't want to read this book. *Waits for the whole world to stop gasping*. when I first heard about this book, and that it was a script, I wasn't that enthusiastic to read it. However, as I… Continue reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


The Entertainer Blogger Award! 

I was nominated by Jasmine @howusefulitis and thank you so much— I love your blog, and you're a wonderful person!  The Rules:  Thank the person that nominated you and provides a link to their blog.  Add these rules to your post. Answer all the questions below. Display the award picture in your post.  Nominate twelve other… Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award! 

The Unexpected Everything

I really don't know about this book... Whether I just about liked it, or LOVED it. Let me explain...  I read this book because I am part of an online book club @teatimereaders on Instagram with my #bookstagram account. This was NOT the book I voted for August, however, I stuck with it.  And at… Continue reading The Unexpected Everything