Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Oh my gosh…

This book has changed me!

I can’t believe that at one point in time I didn’t want to read this book. *Waits for the whole world to stop gasping*.

when I first heard about this book, and that it was a script, I wasn’t that enthusiastic to read it. However, as I saw it everywhere, and read so many brilliant reviews, I found myself yearning to read this book.

Anyway, so the night before results day, (the 24th of August), I got this book as a little gift. I was so incredibly excited to read this book.


What I thought would happen: 

My mind was going crazy with what this book may or not contain. Lets just say, I was SO SO WRONG.

I thought that Scorpius (A friend told me that he was in it before I read the first page) was going to be sorted into Hufflepuff, along with one of the Potters, or Granger-Weasleys, and that they would all become really good friends, just like Hermione, Ron, and Harry. From there I thought that they would hear of a ‘Cursed Child’ that would bring terror to the world that was in Hogwarts, therefore, the gang of the Potters, Granger-Weasleys an d Scorpius would bring her/him down.

Damn… was I wrong!


My thoughts (spoiler free):

I loved this book straight away! I loved the way that the book was set out as the original script, I found that it made the book so quick to read as I do find that some of the Harry Potter books are slow to read due to the depth that they go into. so, the script format was perfect. I think that it was also due to the script that I kept on wanting to read, and the amazing story line. I kept on thinking: I’ll know why happens next! Yay!. This was great because I got so hooked and I couldn’t stop reading because I constantly had that reading-so-fast-becasue-you-need-to-know-what-append-next feeling. It was AWESOME! (BEAR IN MIND THAT I HARDLY SAY ‘AWESOME’ IN CAPS LIKE THAT ABOUT A BOOK).

I found that even though it was a script, it was easy to imagine the settings. Also, it let your imagination go wild as you read because of the brief-ish descriptions that were dotted around on the pages.



My thoughts ( with spoilers):

I really enjoyed the fart that Albus struggled at Hogwarts instead of being INSTANTLY popular and finding everything just so easy! I found that this gave more depth to his character, and at some points, especially with harry, I found that he reminded me of how Draco was at their age.

I found the alternate realities so fun to read. I especially loved the one with Snape! When Scorpius was begging him for help, and talking of Lily, I was crying like crazy! I couldn’t stop! It was like a waterfall had been created in each of my eyes! The tears kept on coming. I loved how both Hermione and Ron were wanted, and still fighting against Voldemort.

I loved when Draco said “I’m being controlled by Hermione…   and I like it.” (or something like that) with a smile growing on his face! — Comment if you get which part I’m talking about!


Sorry, for the short review today, I’ll be posting the nominated tag later on in the weekend, so watch out for that! Thank you for reading,



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