Twilight Book Review.

I just realised that this is the first book review I've done in forever. The last book review that I posted was An Ember In The Ashes, and that was at the of the month! And it feels like haven't written a review in God knows how long, I've missed it!  So in the past… Continue reading Twilight Book Review.


The Book Stationary Tag! 

A another tag! I love doing tags, and this tag, I find, is so unique! Thank you so much Jasmine @howusefulitis !!!  The Rules: * Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads * Answer the questions. * Add pictures! (If you want to) * Tag (about) 5 people. On with the tag...  Pencils -  Favorite MG or… Continue reading The Book Stationary Tag! 

The Positives Of Being A Bookstagrammer :) 

So after my rather negative post about bookstagramming yesterday, I decided to share some of the best things I find about bookstagram!  Great Thing one:  IT IS ALL ABOUT BOOKS/ READING! This is just great, especially if you're a massive bibliophile like me! You probably are if you're reading this blog, to be honest 😂.… Continue reading The Positives Of Being A Bookstagrammer 🙂 

The Sunshine Blogger Award! 

So I know that I just payed another version of this post, but tonight I was super inspired to write this post!   Thank you so much Jasmine @HowIsefulItIs for this award! I meant to do it ages ago, but better late than never, am I right?😂 The rules:  Thank the person that nominated you and… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!