50 Random Facts About Me! 

I got this blog inspiration from a new blog that I have found: That Slytherin Writer, thanks to XOXOJO! I though that this would be a good idea, as in my blogs I don’t really reveal much about myself:). 

So, on with the facts about me! 

  1. I am fourteen, 15 in just over a month– which I am very excited about! 
  2. I’m in year 10, I’ve just started and so far I am swamped in work. 
  3. I have an Instagram blog, that I started before this blog. 
  4. I’m 1m 55cm, and I feel like a total shortie at school as everyone has grown! 
  5. I have an older sister, who is in college. 
  6. I am obsessed with books, I literally read all the time. 
  7. I’m one of those people who says “like” wayyy too much. 
  8. I love stationary. I just constantly want to buy it. 
  9. I love candles, even in summer I lit my peppermint and gingerbread scented candle. 
  10. I wear glasses. 
  11. I listen to the radio a lot — I’m listening to capital atm! 
  12. I don’t own a bookcase, all my books are in piles on the floor. 
  13. I talk really quickly, so I gave to force myself to speak slowly. 
  14. I’m half French. 
  15. I’ve taken my French GCSE in year 9 and got an A*. 
  16. I have two pet snakes and a cat. 
  17. I own way too many blankets and pillows. 
  18. I used to be vegetarian. 
  19. I sleep a lot! Most weekends I don’t wake up until about 11:30. 
  20. I like going to bed really late, as I like writing my blogs in the evenings. 
  21. I have naturally straight hair. 
  22. I’m a bit of an overworker. If the homework, for example, is a 1 page essay I will probably do 3 pages. 
  23. I love baking, especially piping cupcakes! 
  24. I watch so many tv series and films, my Netflix list is practically everything. 
  25. I’m really bad at thinking of random facts about myself! 
  26. I like the rain. 
  27. I love Autumn, it’s my favourite time of year. 
  28. I don’t really like summer in England, it’s way too muggy! 
  29. I would like to travel when I’m older. 
  30. I have no idea what job I want to have. 
  31. Netball is one of my favourite sports to play. 
  32. I try to be really organised, I hate mess! 
  33. The 1975 are my favourite band. 
  34. I like a lot of older music, especially Heat Of The Moment by Asia. 
  35. I love studying poetry at school. 
  36. American Horror Story is one of my favourites, especially Freak Show! 
  37. I always plan out my reviews, and tags so this is a really strange blog for me! 
  38. I wear jeans all the time, and they are always black! 
  39. I lived in Australia. 
  40. My family does not know that this blog exists. 
  41. I’m really conscious that people won’t like my blogs! 
  42. I wish I could speak loads of languages! 
  43.  I try to blog as much as I can, at least 3 times a week! 
  44. I prefer bloggin on the computer, rarer than my phone. 
  45. I really need to save Monday as I am 150% broke. 
  46. I am so excited for Christmas!! 
  47. I’m really bad at keeping my nails even! I always have really long or really short ones, but they’re okay at the moment. 
  48. I love taking photographs, anywhere I go I will have a camera! 
  49. I hate seeing people sad, it makes me sad. 
  50. I told you I was bad at endings 😂! 

So there we are! 50 random-ish facts about me, 



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