The Sunshine Blogger Award! 

I was nominated by Elizabeth at Elizabeth Blair Books for the You Are My Sunshine Award. Thank you so much Elizabeth, everyone should definitely go give check out you blog. I have also been nominated this award by other bloggers, which I will hopefully wirte soon! 
The Rules: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominted you.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.
  4. List of rules and despite the sunshine brother award logo in your post and/or your blog.

The questions from Elizabeth: 

Question one: what is your favourite fall food and/ or drink? 

I think my favourite for a drink would have to be a hot chocolate or a latte with cinnamon! I don’t know what it is but the smell of them reminds me so much of autumn and I can’t have them any other time of year only in autumn or winter so when ever I smell cinnamon lattes it just reminds me so much and I get so excited I literally scream loud.

Question two: what book do you recommend to other people most often? 

I think that I generally recommend the book but I’ve just finished and just loed so much that I can to find no faults in at that present time, so at the moment I would definitely recommend An Ember In The Ashes, just because of how obsessed I am by it and how much I want to read the next one. I think if I am crazy for follow-up book I would definitely recommend it but if I think “that it was okay…” I would tell people about the book, but O wouldn’t recommend it as such.

Question three: what is your favourite social media hang out? 

I think my favourite is between WordPress and Instagram. I use good reads as well, though I just find that Instagram and WordPress are easier for me to use and it means I can communicate with people that I know where as goodreads doesn’t come across as the same for me. I find that good rates is too complicated and it takes me far too long to find basic things. So my favourite is definitely between WordPress and Instagram.

Question four: what is the last sentence you read, and what is the source? 

“Over the next day, Inej saw Kaz begin to move the peices of his scheme into position.” From Six Of Crows.

Question five: if you are forced to be a character in a horror book (or movie) who would it be? 
I guess it would have to be one of the kids from jeepers creepers because then I could just run away and I wouldn’t get killed by some murdering sociopath//psychopath. I don’t read a lot of horror books but I really want to as it’s coming up for Halloween in a month so I might give Frankenstein or Dracula or something along those lines I try in October.

Question six: what book have you read the greatest number of times?

I think it is Finding Sky by Joss Stiling, I’ve read it eight or nine times because it is just a brilliant book that I find really good to get out of book hangovers and get out of a slump with, because it is such a cute book, and a really easy read.

Question seven: what is your favourite book cover of all time?

It is most definitely the cover of my copy of Flappers and philosophers by F Scott Fitzgerald as it is embossed and it has really great jazz age contrast between the gold and black Anthany it reminds me of Fitzgerald writing so much all the time. It’s also got a classy look to it so it makes my shelf thing really sophisticated so it’s really not and it just make me really proud bibliophile!

Question eight: what is your most prized possession (not a book)? 

Oh my God how do I answer this one? I think it’s priced position would have to be … I don’t know I can’t sorry I’ve got to with the things I love, this difficult can’t choose. I think I’m going to have to pass this question is too difficult to choose!

Question nine: what is the book you hold most dear and why?

I think the Book that I hold most dear to me would have to be flat is in philosophers by Escott Fitzgerald because it’s probably the most expensive required and this one I had to really save up for so, I definitely hold that one dear. Plus, you have a pretty nice cover and the pages are so nice!
Question ten: if you could only read one book over and over for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I think I would choose An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, as it is just amazing I love it I am desperate to get a court against the night for my birthday I just can’t wait to see whathappens next! And ember in the ashes was amazing, I found the contrast is the different points of view so good, and the description blew my mind!

Question eleven: do you own a stuffed animal?

I do not. I have toy stuffed animals, but they’re all in my dad’s loft!

My Questions:  
Where do you prefer to read? 

E-books or physical copies? 

What is the latest book you’ve read? 

Is there a particular season where you read more books? 

Are you part of the bookstagram community? 

How long whave you been blogging? 

What do you love about blogging? 

What is your favourite type of post? 

What is your favourite genre? 

What is your favourite book this year? 

What are you planning to read this autumn/winter? 

I Nominate: 



Trisha malone


Map to Mercury



Twin Tales 

megan @ bookslayerReads



Hopefully you guys enjoy answering my questions,



4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award! ”

    1. You’re welcome! You definitely should read it, it is my favourite read of the year! I finished it so quickly as well 😂 I wish I could read it again for the first time 😫

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