The Struggles Of A Bookstagrammer. 

As you may, or may not know, I bookstagram. Quite a lot! I try to post once everyday, or every other day, depending on how busy I am. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love bookstagram/ bookstagramming however, I don’t exactly find it plain sailing all the way. I tho that it would be quite nice to post about this, rather than a tag! 

Struggle One: 

WHEN DO I TAKE MY PHOTO? I try to make sure my photos have good lighting, and are not blurred, so I have to take them when I get home from school, but I’m swamped with work! 

Struggle two: 

WHAT PICTURE DO I TAKE?! I don’t want to keep on posting the same picture, and sometimes I really lack inspiration, and i haven’t posted in three + days, so i have to post something! Also, which book to I photograph? Will it fit my theme? *More in thèmes later!* 

Struggle three: 

WHICH PHOTO DO I USE? ur taken so many photos from loads of different angles, I never know which to pick! It’s like a random pick that looks better than the others, which leads me on to…

Struggle four: 

WHAT IF I LIKE THE PHOTO IVE TAKEN, AND NO ONE ELSE DOES? I know I should be posting what I want, but I’m so conscious of my photos, and I keep thinking that my photos aren’t as “pro” as everyone else’s! And it makes me really nervous! 

Struggle five: 

THEMES?! DO I NEED TO FOLLOW ONE? I try and make sure that each row of three fits, but then it feels blocky. But then I don’t, and it feels staggered. So what the hell do I do? 

Struggle six: 

HOW DO YOU EDIT PHOTOS “PROPERLY”?! I sort of bring up the lighting a tad, and play around with the sharpness a tad, so it looks a bit better, but I never know if I’m doing it right! And have I even taken the photo from the best angle? 

Struggle seven: 

WHAT SHOULD MY CAPTION BE?! I never know what to caption my photos with… but I hate leaving them blank! And what if I pose a question and no one answers it? 

I’m sorry, this sort of turned into a venting post, which I never really do. Should I do more chattier blogs like this? 



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