The Positives Of Being A Bookstagrammer :) 

So after my rather negative post about bookstagramming yesterday, I decided to share some of the best things I find about bookstagram! 

Great Thing one: 

IT IS ALL ABOUT BOOKS/ READING! This is just great, especially if you’re a massive bibliophile like me! You probably are if you’re reading this blog, to be honest 😂. I love books, I love bookstagramming. 

Great Thing two:

IT MAKES YOUR DAY GREAT! Honestly, when someone comments “lovely photo”, answers the QOTP, or something like that, it makes me so happy, it really brightens my day! It’s great! 

Great Thing three: 

YOU MEET SO MANY NICE PEOPLE! Everyone in the community is super nice, supportive and kind! I haven’t seen one negative comment in nearly 9 months of being part of it. Everyone being kind and supportive is so great because as you grow your account, you gain online friends, and doing this makes the whole bookstagram community so much better! 

Great Thing four: 

YOU CAN GET INVOLVED IN BOOK CLUBS! There are many other ways to be part of a book club, this is just how I got involved. So far I love the book club that I’m in, everyone is so lovely. 

Great Thing five: 

IT’S EASY TO POST WHENEVER! Sometimes, all it takes is a quick snap, a few moments to edit it slightly, and then adding a comment/ caption! I know that I said in my last post the stress of trying to find something to take a photo of, how to edit it properly or caption it properly, can really build up, but that doesn’t happen all the time. I think I just over think everything anyway!😂 

Great Thing six: 

PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS!! I had absolutely no skills in photography or editing when I started my bookstagram account, but I’ve slowly been picking them up over the past couple of months and I have definitely realised an upward trend, even if it’s small, since last December! It really is about the little things. And growing these things really makes it all the while because it makes me feel more proud of myself for being able to teach myself something, making me feel a bit more independent. 

Great Thing seven: 

A GREAT BREAK FROM REALITY! If I’ve been having a miserable/ stressful day, and I go on Instagram, scroll through my feed, respond to comments, Fangirl a little, it makes my day 1000 x better! Actually, it makes my day better no matter what the day was like! Though, on those really emotionally testing days, bookstagram literally saves me! Also what helps, is being able to post it, and others commmentong advice etc… 

Great Thing eight: 

FANGIRLING!!!! I love fangirling! I Fangirl constantly. I Fangirl about fangirling! And you can literally strike up a Fangirl/boy convo on any post that you can relate to and have one of the deepest Fangirl/boy convos you will ever have! IT IS GREAT! 
Hopefully this post was a little more fun to read, sorry if it was a little long 😬. The positives really do significantly beat the negatives, for me, but, what do you think? 



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