Twilight Book Review.

I just realised that this is the first book review I’ve done in forever. The last book review that I posted was An Ember In The Ashes, and that was at the of the month! And it feels like haven’t written a review in God knows how long, I’ve missed it! 

So in the past week I have read read Twilight as well as getting halfway through Six of Crows. I don’t know what compelled me to read this book, I just wanted to see if I liked or not, since I read it a few years ago. 

I would rate it 3 1/2 stars. It was good, I’ll give it that, but there were some aspects of the book that I really didn’t like. 

What I liked: 

I really liked the pace. It was quite quick, which I also think kept me reading. It was easy to read for hours on end, as everything put together made quite a good read.

I think that what also kept me interested was wanting to know what parts had changed in the film, as I couldn’t really remember the book. After finishing the book, I did watch the film, but I prefer the book as the acting from Bella in the film is just terrible😹. 

I also like the story line (fact 51 about me: I like vampire stories. *reference to past post* ;)), as it was detailed and well planned. There was a lot of background info, which I liked, with Carlisle, and how the Cullen family came to be.

The language used in the book was great! The complex words were everywhere and I loved it. I really don’t like it when books have hardly any/ no complex words that I look up/ learn, as I like to take words from books and expand my vocabulary. 

What I didn’t like so much: 

Bella. There were a few things about her that really got on my nerves. With all her classes, she would always include that she had already done it in her previous school, blah blah blah… and that she was oh so smart. I mean, good for her, but I just annoyed me. A bit as I read. 

What I also didn’t like was that she was quite naïve. Firstly, let me just say, that I get that she’s totally mesmerised by Edward, but if I were to meet a vampire – if they were even real- I would run for the hills. I wouldn’t stand around saying, “I trust you,” when he’s literally telling you that he wants to EAT YOU! But that’s just me 😹. 

Overalll, I think I have mixed feelings about this book, I liked some parts, but not others– definitely not my fave book! I think that I prefer New Moon to Twilight, I’m not sure! 

Sorry for the short review, I just really wanted to post something book related tonight. Have you read the twilight saga? Did you enjoy it or not? 



8 thoughts on “Twilight Book Review.”

    1. You should! It was really interesting as when I read it again, I remembered how when I read it years ago I loved certain parts, and thought they were great, but now not so much! 😂


  1. Reading the reasons why you don’t like about the book are good points.. I didn’t think of it when I read it years ago. I remember loving it a lot but now that I read so many other books, I agree that Bella is naïve. And yes, I would be running for the hills too no matter how handsome he is haha.. Great review!

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    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t think of these things when I read it first at all. I thought it was amazing at first! I’m glad I was able to re read it and come to a more critical conclusion about a book for once! 🙂

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