September Wrap-Up | September Achievements

This is my first ever wrap up, and I’m not sure what I’m doing, so I’m going to do a wrap up GWR style!

Okay, lets start with the books: 
In September, I must admit, I did not read a lot! 

I hit it off the a pretty good start, finishing my first book in the first week! “What happened?” I hear you ask,  well the first book I had happened to be An Ember In The Ashes… and boy, that ending… it just whacked everything out of me! It was suck a killer ending. I don’t think that I have ever had such a big book-hangover before! 

Then, two weeks (I think), after finishing I decided to buddy read Six Of Crows with the wonderful Fiona @thebookwormwholived and I steadily got into the book, but I still couldn’t get over AEITA! So, complete spur of the moment, I decided to re-read Twilight. I actually enjoyed reading this book, not because it was great, (it wasn’t terrible either), but because I enjoyed noticing how I react now to the book compared to when I first read it a few years ago.

I finished Twilight within a few days, and it sort of helped me get rid of my book hangover! Don’t get me wrong, Six Of Crows is amazing, but I think that AEITA was just such a dramatic ending and it was difficult to launch into something else… anyone else experience this? Please comment so that I don’t feel like a totally loonie… 

it’s clear to say that I didn’t end up finishing Six Of Crows on time, which I’m sort of bummed about, but hopefully I can finish it within the next two weeks and get into Dracula! 

I’m not sure whether you’re “meant” to do this in a Wrap-Up, but… My September Blog Posts: 

  1. Three days, three quotes: day one 
  2. An ember in the ashes 
  3. Three days, three quotes: day two
  4. Three days, three quotes: day three
  5. The blogger recognition award 
  6. 50 random facts about me 
  7. A readers confession tag 
  8. Book blogger insider tag 
  9. The Sunshine blogger award 
  10. The sunshine blggger award #2 
  11. The stuggkes of a bookstagramer 
  12. The positives of being a bookstagrammer 
  13. The book stationary tag! 
  14. I messed up book tag
  15. A not-so-book-related post…
  16. Another non-book-related post…
  17. Twilight book review 

I think that’s the most that I have ever posted! EVER! That’s just under half of my blog posts in one month! Gosh, I was so lazy before… 🙈

Other things that I achieved in September: 

  • Baked cinnamon rolls for the first time 🙂 
  • Actually started editing my photos a bit more than usual. 
  • Review every book that I read 
  • Went without a full face of makeup for 6 days running 
  • Started my mock-bullet journal
  • Kept up with my WordPress reader 🙂 
  • Did some volunteering:) 

Sorry for this short post, I have SOO much homework! What did you achieve in September? 



4 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up | September Achievements”

    1. It wasn’t so much as a challenge, but my skin is terrible and I don’t want to make it worse with makeup, but then I though I would see how long I could go with out mascara or filling in my eyebrows, foundation etc…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I noticed that using facewash morning and night helps to keep skin clean of makeup residues. But you’re right to not wear makeup so much because skin needs to breathe 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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