Currently Reading| Reading Outside. 

Right now I’m outside, writing this blog, and reading. I’m sitting against the tree I always sit against, I do what I always do: turn off my internet. Right now, the sun is on the side of my face, and it’s such a lovely, calming feeling. When I’m super stressed, I read outside, it’s so quiet where I live, and you can just shut your eyes and relax. And, occasionally, when you don’t hear a car, or a child laughing in the background, all you hear is the rustling of the trees. 

Some people say that I’m mad sitting outside, especially in Autumn, but today it was way to nice to resist!

Most of the time I spend sitting here, I just sit, and relax, that’s what I’m doing now. I haven’t even peeked at the words of Bram Stoker sitting on my lap. 

Currently Reading: 

As you may have guessed from above, I’m reading Dracula by Bram Stoker. So far, it’s great! I’m also really happy that I’m reading this book, as I’ve wanted to read more classic novels for ages :). Also, I’m not really feeling the Halloween mood that everyone else seems to be raving about, right now I’m loving the autumn mood. For some reason, I always feel like once Halloween happens, we just go straight into winter, and I don’t want Fall to end this year. 

I better get reading, as always,



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