My TBR| Book Goals:

HELLO EVERYONE! Yet another post from Lu, I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of me by now ;)! Gosh, I’m posting a lot more now, which I am super happy about, hopefully they’re enjoyable posts? Always comment what type of posts you want me to do, as that would be super helpful and I am open to suggestions!

So,in this post, I will be sharing the beginning of my long TBR, which I continuously add to, which what I add to as I scroll through Amazon, and take with me when I go Bookshopping. And I also thought that I would share some of my long-term book aspirations, as I thought that we could share some of the things that we want to achieve!

I thought that I should share the books at the top of my list and then we can all recommend books to each other and add to our TBR’s. 🙂


  1. The Great Gatsby 
  2. Red Queen
  3. The Unexpected Everything
  4. Six of Crows
  5. An Ember In The Ashes
  6. A Torch Against The Night
  7. Wolf By Wolf
  8. Glass Sword
  9. Queen Song
  10. Steel Scars
  11. P.S I Like You
  12. The Sun Is Also A Star
  13. Dreamology
  14. The Love That Split The World
  15. This Savage Song
  16. The Square Root Of Summer
  17. Our Demons, Best Friends
  18. Rebel In the Sands
  19. The Problem With Forever
  20. Illuminae
  21. Snow Like Ashes Trilogy
  22. Holding Up The Universe
  23. On The Fence
  24. The Fill-In Boyfriend
  25. Beautiful, Broken Things
  26. Since You’ve Been Gone
  27. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  28. P.S I Still Love You
  29. All The Light We Cannot See
  30. 99 Days
  31. November 9
  32. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer Trilogy
  33. Anna And The French Kiss
  34. Passanger
  35. The Wrath And The Dawn
  36. The Young Elites

These are by no means the order that I wish to read them in, just a list. If you have books to recommend, please comment them down below, and I will most definitely check them out!


  • To read more classic novels. I really want to do this as I will really help when it comes to English class, and I want to give some more challenging literature a go. So far, I haven’t read any classics, the main ones being written by Fitzgerald. I’ve also read Romeo and Juliet, in school, and I really loved studying shakespeare. Another reason for doing this is that my mother gave me loads of her old books from Uni and they all look so interesting and I really want tot be able to say that I can read sophisticated books.
  • Read more fantasy novels. Ever since reading AEITA, I have loved the fantasy genre, which I want to keen on before. Then I read Six Of Crows, which was amazing, and now I cannot wait to get back into the fantasy genre because it has been amazing so far. Actually, could you please recommend some of your favourite fantasy books, if you like fantasy, in the comments? Thank yooouuuuu.
  • Be more critical when reviewing books. I’m not so much of a rater, I prefer to write the pros and cons, or one negative and one positive about a book, as I feel really mean giving a book 3 stars, even though that isn’t mean? Does anyone else get this? I prefer expressing a book through words, rather than rating it because I feel that I can justify my opinion better that way.
  • Read more per month. I seriously need to read more. I mean, last month I read literally 3 books, and I wanted to read about 5. Hopefully I can read Dracula, A Torch Against The Night, Dreamology and Rebel Of The Sands (which I am buddy reading with Trisha!:)

So there are some of my aspirations for reading, what are yours? I cannot wait to get reading this month, as I’m getting most of the books I’m reading this month for my birthday :). Hopefully you enjoyed this post, don’t be shy to comment,

as always,


14 thoughts on “My TBR| Book Goals:”

  1. For once I have read more than one book on someone’s TBR. Usually, I’ve read maximum of one book someone else wants to read. You should definitely check out “Our Demons, Best Friends”. I rated it kind of average but I was reading an ARC that had a lot of mistakes in it.
    I agree with the rating thing. I just don’t think some books equate. Like, I give two books the same rating but I enjoy one SO much better than the other. I think, for myself anyway, ratings are pretty irrelevant. Great post. I’d love to read more classics too. I’m actually not the biggest Shakespeare fan. I’m currently studying King Lear and don’t like it much.

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    1. I’m glad someone agrees about the rating thing:), and yes I totally agree, about enjoying one book way more that then other but getting the same rating, it just feels odd to me! Thank you! Which classics have you read already? I’m sorry to hear about King Lear, I haven’t studied that, hopefully it gets better!!! 🙂

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      1. Me too! I don’t know anyone else who thinks the same. (well, now I do.) That’s good! Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (I liked that one), Jane Eyre (that one too), Romeo and Juliet (if that can be counted)… I can’t think of anymore. Haha. I’ve tried to read a few more over the years but just couldn’t get into them. I think that’s my problem. I just find it hard to get into them and give up too quickly. I just need to persevere! Well, we’ve one act left hahah. I don’t think it’ll get better to be honest. I think Shakespeare is just a little too dramatic for me.

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        1. I find that too, too much drama about nothing in particular to be honest with Shakespeare! I do find T quite difficult to get into classics, of toy haven’t already, you should check out the great Gatsby because it amazing!

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          1. Yes, especially with the tragedies. So many unnecessary deaths! A lot that could have been prevented had they done one thing differently. It’s quite annoying, isn’t it? It’s on my TBR but, like a lot of books, I still haven’t read it. I’ve heard it’s good. Thanks!

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            1. Exactly! Romeo and Juliet was good, as it was the first Shakespeare that I read, so I wasn’t sick of it, but I don’t think that I could read another 😂. You should give it a read when you can, it’s one of my favourite classics!

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