What The…? I Can Barely Think… 

 Hello everyone,
I rushed through all my homework so that I could write this post, and this is, unfortunately ,another off-load post. I seriously need advice on what I’m talking about, I’ve been thinking over and over it for a while now, and my mind still comes to no conclusion. Then I’ll probably just fizzle out as I knew something like this would happen some day.


My dad is moving away. I mean, my parents have been divorced for God knows how long now, but he’s moving approximately 5.5 hours away, in Cornwall. I’ve always been close to my dad, but I’m scared that him moving away will put a massive wedge between us all as we will hardly see him, only every couple of months due to school schedules.

It scares me a lot. I want him to be happy, gosh, I want that more than anything. He’s had to deal with so much, which I won’t go into, and I want my dad to be happy again. But I can’t help but think how EVERYTHING is changing.

Next September my sister is going to uni and then it will just be me and my mum. And I’m going to miss her so so much, and then I’ll also be missing my dad. It feels like over half of my family is being torn away from me. Like part of me is being torn away. And it’s really hard to come to terms with.

When my dad first told me he was buying the house, I was so happy for him because right now he lives in an apartment block, and he’s wanted for the past six years to have a proper house. But then I found out how far away it was and I nearly broke down. I couldn’t – still can’t – get over the distance.

And part of me is annoyed at my dad for choosing to go so far away, putting that wedge between us, though the better part of me puts that aside, knowing that he’ll be happy.

I know that with Video-Chat, messenger, etc… that we’ll stay in contact, but this distance is just terrifying me. Parts of me want to voice this, part of me just wants to shut down.


And now I’m making a massive deal out of something that loads of people go through when I totally shouldn’t be. Sorry. I haven’t told anyone else how I’m feeling about this, a few people know what’s happening, but don’t know how I’m feeling. Putting it in words makes it easier., I don’t know why.

sorry for the non-book-related post, 



7 thoughts on “What The…? I Can Barely Think… 

  1. Never feel bad for feeling anxious about something that other people have experienced. Each and every person deals with things differently and you never need to be sorry for that.

    I can’t imagine how must stress this must be causing for you, but I will say this. Things always work out in the end, one way or another, and they will for you. I promise you! If you need to chat I’m here. Stay strong!

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    1. Thank you so much for the support and vote of confidence, Jazz, it means a lot. And it is really comforting to know that I have people like you to talk to, thank you 💕

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  2. Hey girl, hang in there. First of all, you’re right, so many people before you have gone through this, including myself, and so many people after you are going to go through this. But despite what everyone says, you don’t have to be strong. It’s okay to be confused, to be hurt, to break down, it’s hard!!

    If you need someone to talk to send me an email: rethornquist@gmail.com

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