Positive Post | Things To Be Happy About :) 

Welcome back! 

I said I was only going to do just the one post today, but I’m laying in bed, thinking “let’s share some positivity!” 

Things to be happy about (not in any specific order): 

  1. Family. 
  2. Friends/other loved ones.
  3. Kindness.
  4. Those really caring people. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO IS CARING RIGHT NOW!! 🙂 
  5. BOOKS. 
  6. Sunny Weather.
  7. Autumn/Fall.
  8. The Blogging Community. 
  9. Cozy Socks. 
  10. The Weekends! 
  11. Birthdays 🙂 
  12. Christmas and giving people gifts 🙂 
  13. Holidays in general! 
  14. Beaches. 
  15. Beautiful scenery.
  16. Little acts of kindness that we witness everyday that just make us feel a little cheerier! 
  17. Delicious food! 
  18. The freedom to be who we are:) 
  19. The ability to make someone else happy/ smile!

Things to make you smile: 

  1. The warmth of the sun.  
  2. Acts of kindness (already said it, but it fits in both ;)) 
  3. A picture of a really cute fluffy puppy. 
  4. Someone being purposely stupid for dramatic effect — we all know those jokers! 
  5. Snowball fights. 
  6. Swimming in the sea 🙂 !! 
  7. Taking the first sip of a really warm drink when it is so so cold out side! 
  8. CAKE! 
  9. Group Photos! “Say ‘Cheese’!”
  10. Doing the things that you love. ❤️

Hope you enjoyed this little shot of positivity! 


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