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Hello people! 

Sorry for not posting earlier today, I was at Ikea buying my bookshelves (exciting times) and haven’t had the opportunity to post as of yet. 

So omg, that great thing is happening (more below), but also my current reads are amazing! 

So, as you probably know, because I keep on banging on about it, I am reading A Torch Against The Night and oh my! The intensity. 

I’ve just hit page 180 and I cannot get enough of it! 

I am also reading Dracula (an audiobook version) and I personally find that it is so much better as an audiobook. I find it so much easier to follow along and properly absorb whats going on. Also, I find it was more interesting this way, as some of the readers put on an accent for Count Dracula, which makes me laugh while inlisten.mwhich is always a good thing! 

As well as thise, I sort of went a little cray-cray with the free dowloads… I think I dowmloaded 7-9 free audiobooks?? So. . . Yeah. . . That happened 🙊

So MORE great news: Its Half-Term! Right now I am loving the fact the tomorrow mornig I don’t have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and can sleeppp! This mini-holiday has been SUCH A LONG TIME COMING! I think that if there wasn’t a week off this week I may have collapsed with exhaustion. 

Ahhh so right now im really happy 🙂 how is everyone? 


2 thoughts on “Current Reads | The Excitement! ”

  1. Do you get as excited about Ikea as I do? As a writer, I like being able to visualize the world in which my stories take place and Ikea is the perfect place for getting ideas. I see one of their lounge set ups and think “Oh that’ll be that character’s room!”…maybe I’m just a bit weird, though!

    Enjoy your half term! You’ve earned it. Any exciting plans?

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    1. I absolutely love ikea! I don’t… but that seems like a great idea 🙂
      Thank you! No, not really… though on Wednesday I’m having a “drivers experience” for my birthday and driving a Porsche around a racing track?! How crazy is that?!


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