What Makes A FANTASTIC Book?

HELLO! So, today I thought I’d share what makes a FANTASTIC read in general. Hope you can relate to this post. This is not at all what I expect from every book, obviously, just the things that contribute to a fantastic read! 


a)FIRSTLY, I think that its really important that the plot is at a good pace. If it’s super fast, no one will know enough details, but if it’s too slow and contains TOO much information/description, it will seem boring and not interest those who prefer a good balance. 

b) This links me to the second part, having a good balance in speech and description to make a good pace throughout the book. This means that the book will be great for people who prefer description, and for those who like speech over description. 


Good Character Development! And feeling a CONNECTION to them. 

NO BOOK IS FANTASTIC WTHOUT IT! If the character development is no good, and the characters have no depth, I feel like the book is never finished. at the end of a book, I like to feel as if I know the individual characters exactly, not just a brief over-view of them. I feel that it adds way more to the read, as you are essentially getting way more out of the book itself. 

I love to feel a deep connection to the characters. Honestly, I form connections with characters VERY quickly, and from my “fantastic reads” all these books are filled with characters that I absolutely cherish!


The description — linking to point 1 — has to be in depth, but not too lengthy. I’m all up for a nice long paragraph, but what I’m talking about here is literally every 3 pages there is at least 2/3 of it being description of one setting. It just makes it boring af. 


No “Block-speech”

An example:

“How will we get there?”

“The unicorns?”

“But what about Thomas the dog, we can’t leave him being, fvjeahbgl ahjsdvgaehgbkdf sdsgyvfgbf;e;jkgfbiusdgbew/kjgi;iegbekrgpYBeir;gjdbfyebwflbdlgfbreil gbriebgqybreiygbiryebgiyrqbeghbfvbyrbgreghiurefe gfibf yrbfebf ibue4g rygfwk.fbi7f urgfwbefgufbwgfi bjk ubrebguiregjekrbgebguivr.”

“jdbfiewkjdbs vdsjck rqwvuierbg ve;wk vdsuvg rbi rewgfbciwge;jekwb;fui gwef biwyefbe wgfwb ehFG CIW FBIEQ IDC GBFGF EBK DAUS FVBfeh qrgb reqirebvh ddjkzsnfoqrnguferu bghfnv;adbpiygregbieru abfowa”

Good luck understanding who is saying what when that goes on for ages. Is it just me, or when this happens, I have to go back and see who is saying what exactly. I just can’t follow it, especially when it goes on for a while. 

Can I just add: look at my pro conversation up there, maybe I should right a novel, ahaha. pro tip: when stuck for inspo, just talk about unicorns ahaha…


No to the:
“…”, he said.

“…”, she said. For literally all of the speech. It just doesn’t make the conversation real. 



A ship that doesn’t start with hate, or insta- love is ideal. Personally, I can deal with a bit of dislike, leading to friendship, especially in fantasy and they have to rely on each other, which results in a relationship, but I just prefer when they come together as a couple like people actually do the majority if the time in real life. love-at-first-sight

And, I even got a bit of Ryan Gosling in my blog 🙂 

I’m also talking about friendships here too. I absolutely LOVE books that have a great friendship pair/group. It makes the book way funnier, and has an authentic feel to the book. Most books have this amazing quality, but I don’t think that I could rate a book as “fantastic” if it didn’t have good friendships in there too 🙂


Emotions!!! This may just be me, but I love it when a book is full of internal emotions and also thought. I love it when a chapter thinks to themselves, showing how they felt about situations, especially if it has just switched to their PoV. I hate not knowing how people are feeling about big events, it makes me speculate wayyyyyy tooooo much! 

Obviously, I do not expect all of that in one book, that would be ridiculous! These are really just some of the things that I love to have within a book, my favourite qualities or qualities that I don’t like and don’t really occur in books that class as “Fantastic”. 

I’ve probably missed a load of things, but let me know some of the things that you love within a book, 



10 thoughts on “What Makes A FANTASTIC Book?”

  1. Definitely agree with the hate/insta-love! I remember reading a book a while ago where the girl fell in love with the guy the first time she saw him…there was no development, it annoyed me so much. If they start off hating each other it’s not as bad, but can sometimes be predictable…when 2 characters start out hating each other I’m always like “yep, they are going to fall in love”.

    Oh and the block speech – I also have to go back and figure out who said the first line lol.


    1. I agree, and I would prefer it to DEVELOP from hate in to a relationship than insta-love, it may be predictable. however, I find that most of the times that they do hate each other, we are given that they’re endgame.
      Ahhh, block speech annoys me!!

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  2. I hateeeee block speech and the only “she said” “he said” thing. Like it annoys me when it’s like the following
    He said
    She said
    He said
    She said….

    Just stop. Add some “she yelled” “he smiled” or something to make it seem like the characters aren’t monotoned. And block speech annoys me. Sometimes I have to reread it a zillon times and STILL can’t figure out what someone is saying and who said what. It makes reading the story less enjoyable

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    1. Exactly! If they were to add a small detail afterwards, instead of “he said” or “she said”, it would be much better.
      I’m glad that I’m not the only one who can’t read block speech :). If it were to go something a bit more ,like this, it may be a bit more understandable:
      “How will we get there?” He asked, wondering, a stranger to this land.
      “The Unicorns?”
      “No, we can’t use those to travel to the castle,” she rejected the idea quickly.
      “Alright then, we’ll go by unicorn. But Thomas the dog won’t like it.”
      don’t you think?

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  3. Awesome list! I agree with you, especially on 6 with the relationship beginning in hate or insta-love. It’s either one or the other with the genre I review. There’s no starting out as friends, no middle ground!

    Also, majorly agree on 7. I love getting inside a character’s head and experiencing their emotions. Makes the book so much more memorable ❤

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    1. Thanks! Most of what I LOVE isn’t instal-love or hate beginnings, but when I do get a book that is too instal-love, it puts me off a bit! Sometimes with hate first, it can be okay if they slowly become friends, but when they sporadically kiss when there’s hardly no reasoning behind it it really annoys me 😦


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