Autumn – Whoo!

Hello, everyone.

I know its been autumn for ages, I am loving autumn right now, this morning I woke up, and realised how much so. When I woke up, my window was fogged, the tiles on my bedroom floor were freezing to the touch, and I couldn’t stay warm without a cardigan, slippers, and two blankets.



Everyone says they love autumn, but when I say it, I really mean it. Autumn is my prime-time for reading, as I have a legitimate excuse to sit inside all day, and read, at the weekends. This is my first autumn while blogging, and boy, am I loving it so far. I feel so much more productive, as I can sit and write blog after blog.

Things to love:

  1. I even love the word “Autumn”, it sounds so lovely.
  2. The colour of the trees is so beautiful and comforting.
  3. And there is pumpkin and cinnamon everywhere, Starbucks, Costa, and literally every cafe/ coffee shop.
  4. And all the baked goods you can buy, mmmnnnn.
  5. The warm foods that make you feel so cozy!
  7. And it’s time to get out / buy loads of new chunky-knit sweaters and jumpers.
  8. The feeling of sipping a hot drink in the morning, so hot the mug warms your hands.
  9. The prettier patterns in the warm drinks that you order!
  10. Wearing boots literally everywhere.
  11. Fluffy socks. Need I say more?
  12. Dogs being cute when they muck around in the leaves.
  13. Halloween. Pumpkins are everywhere, and so are sweets and everything sugary.
  14. Lighting a campfire and having s’mores! Mmnnnnnn.
  15. The crunch of leaves beneath your feet is so satisfying.
  16. Warm soups/ broths after a particularly chill day ( or just whenever you wish ;))
  17. Crackling fires, and the warmth you feel.
  18. The amazing TV shows an having cozy nights in.
  19. It getting darker earlier and earlier as it sets in.
  20. Bonfire Night, the rides,the huge fire, the sticky candy floss and all-round fun!
  21. Walks in the woods, with your wellies on!
  22. Jumping into a massive pile of leaves and throwing them everywhere.
  23. Watching the weather forecast and knowing that you’ll be able to wear about 5 of your new items of clothing.
  24. Getting an extra hour of sleep. . . I cannot wait for this to happen.

What do you love about Autumn? Do you prefer another season?





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