Basically Me Fangirling About Buying Books. . .

Hi, everyone!

This is a super odd post, but today I’m going to talk about the feeling when you buy books that you’ve wanted to buy for ages.

Feeling one: Looking through Amazon/ a Bookshop / Book Depo for your book, knowing you can finally buy it. And admit it, you feel that twang of excitement. I always get excited when doing this, but then I usually end up finding loads of books and adding them to my TBR then have a bit of a melt down when I think ‘how unearth will I read all of these books?’ — especially when the TBR list is continuously growing and won’t stop.

Feeling two: that feeling multiplies as you click ‘add to cart’ or you pick the book up from the shelf. It’s so satisfying and I get really excited as I know that it’s about to be mine, and at that moment the world is filled with possibilities of what may or may not happen in the book.

Feeling three: clicking the “proceed to check out” / walking to the till and you sort of want to do a little happy dance. I get so excited by this. . . when I buy a book I can never stop smiling and everyone probably thinks that I’m nuts, but ooohhhh wellllll!!

Feeling four: the waiting becomes unbearable as you wait and wait and wait for your books to arrive. This is where I freak out and do about 10000 hours of research on the books, read review, and basically get really hyped about the book. Basically my version of a pre-party party.

Feeling five: getting your book and wanting to stroke it because you love it so much and you are already attached to it/them. This is when the struggle begins if you’ve bough more than one book: which to read first? You’re dying to read them all, but which one are you going to choose? It feels mean to the other books if you read one first, as they are all waiting to be read, and it’s all on you!

I think that I actually have an addiction to buying books, as whenever I have money, I have to buy at least one book. Right now, I’ve just gone and bought four books from amazon, even though I have books to read for November. . . oh well, you can never have enough books! I can’t believe that I wrote over 320 words about buying a book. . . I’m nuts!? Meh, I love books.


And now I’ve just realised that this was basically a fangirl post. . . about books in genera!

Does anyone else get this excited? Someone please comment so that I don’t feel mad!!

Have a great rest of your day!


28 thoughts on “Basically Me Fangirling About Buying Books. . .”

  1. This is fantastic! Although I would add the part where anxiety-riddled me freaks out about whether or not I’m lying to myself about being able to afford books in the first place…then forcing myself to believe I do because books are sometimes more important than food and rent!

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  2. I have to admit, I’m addicted to buying books, too! I can’t help it! Especially when they are on sale.
    I’m so bad…$1.99 may not seem like much, but it adds up after awhile. I’m in the same boat as you: if I didn’t buy anymore, I would have enough books to read for probably a year!

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    1. What I do, which is really bad, is that I place an order, and pay for it and all that, then fill up my basket again, for the next order and than I’ll be dying to buy the books!!Then about a week later I’d buy them, ahah

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  3. I know how you feel. The moment I buy a book online or in a bookstore is so amazing. And also the moment a book I have pre-ordered has arrive in my mail box. But I do get a bit stressed when I think about how many books I still need/want to read. Sometimes I wish I was a Twilight vampire, then I didn’t have to sleep and I could read all day and night 😂


    1. Thanks, I’m glad that you can relate and I’m not nuts, ahaha! This was the first time that I’d bought books in a while so I am currently so hyped!

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  4. Oh my gosh I agree with you on all of these….so much!!!! I once walked out of a bookstore after getting a book I ordered and I did a (ridiculous) happy dance in the middle of a shopping center, a face-splitting grin on my face the whole time!! 😂 It was majorly embarrassing but totally worth it!

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    1. I’m glad you agree, ahaha, the power of buying books!!! Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves 😉
      Whenever I come out of a book shop I can’t help but grin!

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