The AHHHHH’s Of Reading??

Hi everyone. HAPPY NOVEMBER!!

It’s already dark outside, its 16:45! And It’s dark outside ?! OMGGGGGGGGG! Loving it 100%.

You know you love a book straight away when you generally feel like this while reading:


Or maybe more like this. . .


Personally, in this situation I am 100% Johnny Depp.

The feeling – that I call: THE AHHHH – when you’re reading a book that you’ve fallen into so so so deep, is such a great feeling!

You’re know where near the end of the book, but you are so in love with it, you just feel AHHH the entire time. And you just KNOW that this book is going to be your favourite.

And you probably feel/look a bit more like Tom (second image) when something is preventing you from reading this fantastic, flabbergasting – amazing and perfect in every possible way – book.

I think that I get way tooooooooo excited about books and reading, especially ‘the BOOK!’. Not the one, the BOOK! The book that literally makes you realise just how addicted to reading you truly are.

And then, because this book is basically a new drug to you, you are so addicted and cannot put it down, you feel “AHHH” when you aren’t even reading the book, because you’re thinking about what may happen in the book later!

I love it when a book takes over everything. It shows that the book is just awesome – I NEVER use that word! – and just how brilliant it is.

Currently I’m reading A Court Of Thorns And Roses, and I am feeling every aspect of THE AHHHHHHHH’s with this book,
AND I’m only on page 154!!!!!!!!

Do you get what I mean by ‘The AHHHH’s’? Please don’t say this is just me talking nonsense. . .




56 thoughts on “The AHHHHH’s Of Reading??”

                    1. Yeah apparently Chaol leaves because he didn’t get jealous when he saw Celaena with another guy?? My friend sort of spoiled it. . .

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                    2. I’ll still be shocked when I read it! Guarantee that I’ll ship the new guy too, ahaha!! Apparently they’re *hashtag* goals

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                    3. You are making me even more excited to read these books, and even sadder because my books wont arrive for agessss! The order is “processing” and has been for the past THREE days due to the holidays : (

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  1. YES!!! I get the AHHH with soooooo many books, and they just end up taking over my life lol. It ends up being bitter sweet because I read the books really fast and then I want to go back and re-read it all over again. ACOTAR was definitely an AHHH book….so many feelings!!!!


    1. IKRRRRRR, ACOTAR is filled with so many feels atm!!
      Books are always taking over my life, ahahah!!
      Sometimes I’m hesitant to read it because if I finish it, I’ll never be able to read it again for the first time!

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  2. I totally get you! I get the AHHH pretty much every day. Definitely the Tom gif when I’m at work, especially if I’ve had to leave the house in the middle of a tense scene!

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    1. Exactly! You get the AHHHH!!! It’s so frustrating when you can’t read, especially when you have to sleep, which means not reading. . . which means sadness and the AHHHHH. I wish I could stay up all night reading 😦 don’t you?!

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      1. I really do! It’s so frustrating when I’m on an early at work and have to get up at 4am. Early starts mean early nights and night time is when I read the most 😦

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        1. sammeeeeee! With me I have the issue of having homework, and early starts. . . What I’ve started doing is waking 30 minutes earlier, so I can fit in some reading 🙂

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  3. Hey!! I Totally know what you mean about the AHHH moment. I tend to get more ‘oh my god’ due to unexpected dramatic things happening but I totally know what you mean! 🙂 I also get quite a lot of Awww! At cute romantic things that happen – books are just great! 🙂 Xxx


    1. I always get all giddy inside when cute/romantic things happen — I can’t help myself!
      I love the AHHH, I’m currently experiencing it with the book I’m reading and OMG this book is fantastic!!!

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