Book To Movie Adaptations.


Merry Monday!

I think that for book lovers book adaptations are a big deal. Some people love them, some people hate them, and it totally depends on WHAT is being adapted.

There are so many books that are being adapted to movies ( or t.v shows) at the moment, and I’m excited, but also nervous because if I don’t like the adaptation, I’m worried that it’ll put me off of the book.

Adaptations that I usually don’t like are ones that either stray so far from the book, this could be many little things or one huge factor that basically changes the entire book, or ones that consist of generally TERRIBLE acting.

OR it could be a combination of this, for example the shadow hunter t.v show is not how I wanted it to be, and I preferred the film way more. In this particular case, I found that everything was wrong with the t.v show, from the seraph blades (I probably spelt that wrong), to Alec, Jace, Hodge and Izzy not having English accents, some of the casting not being as great as I thought I could be, to the Institute being packed (it’s literally silent there in the books) and the way that everything was focussed around Jace and Clary’s relationship- though that could have been to make the ending more dramatic, I’m not sure.

Some adaptations are good, many I find are, as they are relatively similar to the books, and little is changed, or have maybe cut out some scenes that could have been removed WITHOUT damaging the story. For example, I found that the second and third hunger games book was really well adapted and found that I enjoyed the films as much as the book, as they created such a great adaptation to the world that Suzanne Collins made up. Not too many things were changed, and I think that’s the key thing: not changing too many things, but just a few so it doesn’t drag, as the films can’t be 100% true to the book or they’d be 100 hours long!

In the end, I think that is 100% percent a personal preference, as people can either love or hate books depending on a variety of factors. What adaptations have you loved/hated? Do you like adaptations at all?

Sorry for the short rant today. . .




16 thoughts on “Book To Movie Adaptations.”

  1. I really enjoyed the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. It’s one of the only times I can remember where the movie had more depth than the book… that almost never happens! Stardust was a really great adaptation as well. I am also a fan of the Harry Potter movies (duh) but often find myself thinking about the things they cut out of the films due to time constraints or simplifying things etc, like Percy Weasley’s relationship with his family, Hermione’s activism regarding house elves, the back story on Neville’s parents in the hospital, etc.

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    1. I haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books (I know– same on me :() but the adaptations of the books that I’ve read I have also enjoyed.
      Stardust was a GREAT adaptation, the movie is wonderful, I still watch it! ahah

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      1. WUT seriously everyone raves about the HP books, but they are so good! Get reading! Haha. The movies are done really well, but the books have more going on. I liked the Stardust movie more than the book as well, Michelle Pfeiffer is sooo good

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  2. I completely understand what you are saying about Shadowhunters. It took me a bit to get through it because I kept comparing it to the books. Like, they made the institute like a headquarters…seemed silly to me. And where was Church?!?! I really liked the Hunger Games movies, I thought they did really well. True Blood’s first season was the same as the books but then it went off on a really stupid tangent that didn’t line up with the books at all…I never finished that series.

    I just think that if someone is going to make a book into a tv show or movie, do it right!!!

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    1. Exactly, do it right, say it’s loosely based on the book, or don’t do it at all!! I’m glad you agree about shadow hunters, I may watch season two, just to see it it’s more like book two. . .

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  3. I kinda do like the shadowhunters series, but there are a lot of changes made and not all of them are good ones. For me the series is just a different interpretation of the books and I enjoy how they made the story come alive.

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    1. I like how they made it completely different,and made a new story out of it, but I personally found that the story was ruined by the vastness (is that a word?) of the changes

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      1. It is kinda ruined I agree, but I like complaining to my friend about how it was different in the books haha 😂
        She hasn’t read the books so she has no idea of how different it is.

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        1. SHE HASN’T READ THE BOOKS? SHE NEEDS TO! I complained too, me and my friends were so annoyed at how much had changed!!


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