Book Shaming | Some People Are Just Rude.


I’m really annoyed right now. I’m not bothering with a header image. I am just going to write what I’m feeling.

This may not be a big deal to you, but this is really getting on my nerves.

In afternoon registration today we were allowed to read, complete homework, or do something quietly. So OBVIOUSLY I chose reading.

The inconsiderate bit sitting next to me takes my book, reads the blurb, then takes the piss out of it while he sits there reading Game of Thrones no5. Currently I’m reading Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven, and yeah, I know that it seems a little corny and cliche, blah blah, but I actually find it quite sweet sometimes.

And there he goes, making me feel embarrassed about what I’m reading.

We aren’t even friends. And there he goes dissing MY book, that has no affect on him, for the entire time. I don’t know whether he was joking, or not, but he made me feel embarrassed when I had no reason whatsoever to be.  I have never judged him for reading The Game Of Thrones Series, and I just wish he would get a filter and not just say whatever he wants regardless of everyone else’s feelings.

I would NEVER judge someone on what they’re reading, even if I don’t like the genre. And every time I read my book in registration, he either says that it sounds crap, or cheesy and cliche. EVEN IF I’M READING THE GREAT GATSBY OR SIX OF CROWS, HE CALLS THEM “CLICHE”. Does he know the definition of that word?

I’ve decided that I’m calling this “book-shaming”. It may already be a thing, but that’s what I’m calling it.

I hate it so much, and it effects me. I don’t care if people who don’t like reading don’t understand why I feel that way, what mattress that I feel it.

URG. I’m really annoyed right now. Have you been “book-shamed”?






41 thoughts on “Book Shaming | Some People Are Just Rude.”

  1. I hate book shaming, I read all genres so to see people shaming you is sad and annoys me. People can read what they want when they want and that’s that. There is no need for readers to think there better just because there reading about bloody deaths then a love story about important issues. To all those people out there they don’t know what there missing out on, reading outside your comfort zone is the only way you can find out if you like a new genre so don’t worry about his thoughts, he obviously has some growing up to do.

    I just finished Holding up the universe and really enjoyed, hope your loving it despite rude peoples comments 😀

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    1. E. X. A. C. T. L. Y.
      This is 100% what I’m talking about!!
      Omg, I loveddddddd Holding Up The Universe, I wanted to blab for days in m review!!

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  2. I’m an English major and in class I once brought up that I love reading Young Adult fiction, and that I have a blog dedicated to YA books. Needless to say, I was roasted by the whole class. 😥

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  3. How utterly shameful! This is not OK at all. How dare someone judge you for reading what you’re reading. You shouldn’t have to justify why you’re reading to anyone but yourself (I am referring to those times where you are just not getting into the book and think ‘is this worth it’?). Please don’t let this put you off reading in public – it is one of the best solitary things one can do – whip out a book at a restaurant, on the tube or just on a park bench. 100% of the time I see someone reading something I always take a peek and (if the scene permits!) ask them what they think about it. It is honestly how I got a lot of my book recommends – including one time I was in a spa and a man was reading a book for inspiration for his novel (which was later published!). I hope this encourages you to keep calm and carry on reading!

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    1. Thank you so much for saying this, it’s so encouraging and I think that i just need to keep on telling myself this rather than letting people get to me.
      I just wish that people would get over the fact that I’m a bibliophile and reading is what I enjoy to do. That would be an ideal world! Thank you again for the positivity!! 🙂 ❤


  4. I feel your pain 😦 I experienced it not so long ago with a so-called friend. He spent about an hour openly mocking me and snapping pictures of my books to, I can only assume, show his friends and laugh at.

    The thing to remember is that you have nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of. Are you the one acting like an idiot? Are you the one with extremely narrow-minded views on what makes a good book? No. It’s this guy and consequently, it should be HIM feeling embarrassed. He’s just showing the rest of the class what a loud-mouthed, inconsiderate, moronic idiot he is.

    You carry on reading your books regardless of his inane comments. You’re way better than him.

    Happy reading!

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    1. Thank you so much! No one was listening to him, so I guess that I shouldn’t either! He’s been annoying me for so long and I need to learn to justly no attention to him.
      I hate those who make jokes out of others – not just for reading something – and we were sort of friends for a while and talk in class and stuff, but he’s just being a moron and we really shouldn’t associate with the typed of people!


  5. I guess I’m lucky to be around people who don’t judge the books I read but it really sucks that others face book shaming so often. It’s stupid because the books you read shouldn’t be a reason for people to judge you. Don’t let his comments get to you; you know that you’re book choices aren’t cliche and that’s all that matters! Also, Holding Up The Universe is fantastic – I’m reading it at the moment! xx

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  6. I understand you so much! One of my good friends is actually someone who “book shames” way too often! He’ll just say it’s rubbish without really backing it up just because it’s something that he didn’t enjoy or something he thinks he wouldn’t enjoy because it’s not his idea of a good book!

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    1. People who just assume they won’t like a book because of title, or who reads it, really bug me. I also don’t like how people can read a book and then judge someone because they had a different opinion — it’s a free country!!

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        1. Voila! People get it!! We are all open to our own opinions, and able to share those opinions if we say them in a POLITE and MATURE way — which sadly, many people do not.

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  7. Book shaming is the WORST. My ex husband was like that, he read science fiction by male authors almost exclusively (talk about a narrow world view) and constantly shamed me for reading books by women that were, gasp! NOT science fiction! He once picked up a book I was reading and literally read the blurb on the back then said “Nope, there’s nothing about that that appeals to me.” and tossed it down on the table. I hadn’t even asked him, it was just sitting there. We aren’t married anymore, and mayyyyyybe it’s because we didn’t read the same books. Hahahaha.

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  8. I haven’t been book shamed before, because I normally read at home. But people shouldn’t do it, it is rude! Just because you have an opinion on a book, doesn’t mean that you have to shame on it!
    I do get looks sometimes at home when I’m reading or whenever I’m buying a book. Which really irritates me.

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  9. It’s so annoying when people do that!! Seriously it’s none of your business what I’m reading!! And I hate it when people treat certain genres like they’re inferior, a book doesn’t have to be intellectual, it doesn’t have to be realistic, it doesn’t have to be anything! We (I’m just gonna talk for all of us that agree 😅) read because it makes us happy, because it brings us joy, so not a single person has the right to judge that!

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    1. Exactly. I don’t know why people always have to blow things up, reading is reading, no matter what genre it is. Take your snobby and stuck up self else where, you’re not wanted on this plant, amongst the rest of the bibliophiles.

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  10. All the time. I was in this group chat for book readers and I was the only one who really read romance, and they kept voicing their opinions on how romance isn’t a strong intellective read, or that it is boring, doesn’t make sense, unrealistic and they kept trying to sway me to read other books, always bad mouthing romance. I got so pissed, I made sure to put romance books in their faces, before I couldn’t stand it and left them behind.

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    1. Oh my God, what a horrible experience. They should respect that you like to read romance, like you respect what they enjoy to read. I find Romance books are so cozy, and I love reading them during the colder months under a little fluffy blanket. And for all of them to say that constantly. . . that’s just petty of them, we’re allowed to have out own opinions about things but not that excessive and to the point of it being mean!!

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