Nov. 9: What do you want to say to Hillary Clinton today?


Today I am actually going to use one of the writing prompts from BlogHer to do a short little post.

What would I say to Hillary Clinton? Well. . .


I was SHOCKED by the news this morning when I saw Donald Trump’s campaign introducing the winner of the election. Absolutely shocked. I may live in England, but it was on the news all day today, and I suppose it will be for a while.

I was personally hoping for Hillary Clinton to win, as I find Donald Trump’s idea about the walls separating Canada, and Mexico (and getting them to pay for it) from America ridiculous, with his gun law proposals, and forcing the Muslim citizens out, just because they are Muslim, just as ridiculous. I find this prejudice. I found that Hillary was really prepared to fight for the average working American and families in America (well, everyone really), and was therefore the better choice of President, as well as not being prejudice.

I don’t think that there was a great choice, but I think that there was a better one. I’ll be interesting to see what happens later on. I think that in the beginning Hillary Clinton’s Campaign started off better, but then Trump’s supporters grew and grew, and things turned slightly away from Hillary, giving Trump the ability to winch election.

I’m hesitant about putting this up, as there are a lot of opinions about this subject. . .What did you think of the turn out?





12 thoughts on “Nov. 9: What do you want to say to Hillary Clinton today?

  1. We may not agree on politics…but I still love you. 😘
    I didn’t like either of them: the email thing with Hillary bothered me, and Trump’s no saint. I wanted Rubio. But I guess we got what we got now. I chose not to vote bc I couldn’t stand behind either if them.
    I like book blogs bc we don’t get too political…and I feel you guys will still be my friend without hearing my views…I hope. But I don’t think Trump will do half the things he promised. I just don’t think ppl would let it fly. And he won’t get reelelected. I can promise that.
    The riots scare me bc of all the violence. I just hope we as a nation can unify again.
    Love your posts. Wasn’t going to comment but then I thought, “Nah, this is my girl…she’ll still love me.”
    I hope you do! 🤔

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    1. Of course I do!
      I didn’t like either of them, and I found that neither of them would be a fantastic president. I agree, I don’t think that Trump’s ideas will actually happen as lots of people in politics don’t agree with his methods.
      Hopefully there will be no more political prompts!

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  2. I completely agree with y’all on this and I find it horrible (their goals or what they said put aside) that a person with zero political experience can become one of the most powerful person in the world…. Especially as a young woman I feel like I was slapped in the face.

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  3. I am from America and I stayed up until 130 when they finally announced that Trump had won. Hearing the phrase “President Trump” was tear-inducing, gut-wrenching, and absolutely heartbreaking. I never knew America had so much hatred and ignorance in it. It has been less than 24 hours since he has won and over 50 people have killed themselves, men are stating that they have/will be grabbing women by the p*ssy and Muslim women fear leaving the house wearing the hijab. If this is any indication of what the next 4 years are like, I fear for this country. No Hillary wasn’t perfect, but there should have been no competition between the racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic and a woman who devoted her entire life trying to make a difference in this country. 🙂

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    1. That’s horrific!! The fear he spreads across America-and the world- is absolutely crazy and I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to America.

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  4. It’s devastating to know that American voted for him. All I want to ask them is, why? This has been a crazy day. The idea of him becoming the president merely 24 hrs back was absurd. But I guess it’s their country and their choice. My prayers do go to the minorities. I just hope they are safe.

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    1. Same, I couldn’t imagine why they voted for him, but it’s their country, and their choice. I hope that all is well for those in the minorities

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  5. Like you I was shocked, I was mad, I was extremely disappointed in the world. I mean, Hillary might have been shady, but Donald.. don’t even get me started. I’ve decided that it has been enough for one day, I won’t let this ruin my day. I don’t live in the US, but I send every single person over there all my love. They’ll need it more than I do.

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