Book Prices Rant | Hardback Books.


Pointless GWR rant coming up!

Last night – well all of Saturday afternoon, really – I was on Book Depository, furiously adding books into my basket. Hardback books. Now don’t get me wrong, the pricing isn’t that bad for the books that I was looking at (between £9-£14) with free shipping.


I added the whole Throne of glass series from Crown of Midnight onwards, and it came to quite a lot. £65.78. For hardback copies, I don’t think that this is THAT bad. It could be cheaper, but I’m willing to pay that much. IF I HAD THE MONEY TO.

The main reason that I don’t read LOADS of hardbacks (LIKE 13 BOOKS PER MONTH) is because I don’t have the money to. Which is so annoying as every inch if me is dying to press “buy” and then have beautiful Hardback books on my shelves!!! And I know that the cover shouldn’t matter, but if iI’m really into a series from the first book and haven’t got the rest of the books yet, I’ll want to buy the hardbacks BECAUSE I love the series and want them to look nice, as paperbacks can go all flimsy, etc. . .

I currently have 15 hardback books, eleven of which were gifts, the rest, well. . . they made me broke, or were the only copy available at the time on amazon.


I don’t mind reading less books if it mans that I can purchase hardbacks instead. BECAUSE OHH MYYYY GOOSHHHH THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! AND WE NEED THEM IN OUR LIVESSSSSSSSS.

But I really hate having to save to and up, then finally being able to buy books, and then the whole process literally starting up from £0 again. And as I’m 15 and don’t have a job, it is virtually impossible to save up. Let’s not even get into the struggles of getting a weekend job at my age. . .

Do you prefer Hardbacks? Can you relate? Let me know!



29 thoughts on “Book Prices Rant | Hardback Books.”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you were only 15! You are very mature.
    I know the pain of wanting pretty things and not having the money for them: I have $75 in Amazon gift cards and STILL haven’t spent any of them. I’m a saver. And a poor college student.
    That’s why I love libraries.
    But one day I will have money and bookshelves and pretty things. And you will, too. Just hang in there. 😊

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        1. Haha, yesterday I wanted to get more, but restrained myself and only borrowed three, two of them are rather large so it’ll be fine! I hope :\

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  2. I live in India, and all the books I get are paperbacks. But the few hardbacks I DO have, which were either gifted to me or I got them somehow, have a special different place on my bookshelf. Only I can touch them, and only I can read them.

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    1. Haha, I do love a good larger trade size paperback, I think I only have 3 though 😦 . I used to love paperbacks, but then I got my first hardback. . . ahahah!


  3. Yes I can totally relate 🙌 my tip is to google the title as you can sometimes get it cheaper at a bookshop like Waterstones or Foyles: particularly when the book is about to be released in paperback. Also popular books tend to be given in at charity shops but you have to be in a good area to benefit from that. Book Depository is good but why not try Amazon or Book People? I don’t buy books online as I prefer to buy from independent book shops but you’re right I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to do that. Saying that – when I was your age I stocked up from books at charity shops (online shopping wasn’t as big as it is now!). I can totally relate to wanting nice books on the shelves but what if you don’t like the series? Maybe download the First on a kindle and go from there?

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    1. Thanks for the tips!
      I only buy hardbacks for the series if I’m totally obsessed from the first book (which I am atm), and have a really strong feeling that I’ll love the rest of the series.
      Around where I live there aren’t really any independent book shops, but I’ll definitely be looking out for them!

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  4. I love hardcover books as well! 💕 I love the way they feel when they’re naked without their dust cover. For economic reasons, I usually save my hardcover book buys for my absolute favorite books and series or my fantasy favorites. I’m not a big fan of paperback, but I will buy them to save money. I love getting e-books on sale and I love the ease of reading on my kindle but it makes me sad to not have a physical book in my hands.

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  5. Hardback editions are super expensive. I have so many series here that are either ebook or paperback that I would love to own in hardback. But it is unrealistic. Most of my hardback copies were gifted or review copies. I just cannot commit that type of money with as much as I read 😦 So I generally have to wait for paperback to become available. And Jazz is right, some are so difficult and awkward to read..sigh.


  6. I love hardbacks but, like you, I find them crazy expensive. If it’s a favourite series, it’s always nice to have some pretty and durable editions. Saying that, though, there’s a certain charm about well-worn paperbacks with dog-eared pages. I think it makes them look well read and much loved 🙂 My main issue with some hardbacks is how difficult they can be to read. I once had a hardback edition of the Bronte sisters’ work and it was just sooooo hefty.

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    1. They do get pretty hefty, especially if you drag one or two books around in your bag ( I do. Well-worn paper backs are really cute, I have to admit!

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  7. I’m obsessed with hardbacks…. so much that I refuse to buy paperbacks. It hurts my soul when someone purchases a paperback book for me. Although, don’t get me wrong, I still really appreciate it haha. However, I understand the pain. Hardbacks are expensive and they just keep getting more and more expensive. I remember back in a time when it was like $15 for a hardback (which isn’t too expensive in the States) but now almost every hard back I see is around $18-$20. Even paperback’s here are getting into $10-$12 D: I wish there were more cheaper book websites out there. 😦

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    1. It would be great to find a cheaper place for Hardbacks, I think that I’m jut going to put a few on my christmas list and save up for them. In England the book shops are mainly Paperbacks, and they’re only hardbacks if they are only available as a hardback book 😦


  8. I absolutely LOVE hardback books but like you, cannot afford to buy them full price. If you live in the UK (I have no idea if you do or not) I would recommend checking out charity shops for hardback books. I’ve gotten hardback books for £1 in my local Oxfam before!!

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