Bibliophile Issues: Being A Reader In A Non-Reading Family.

Hello Blogosphere!

Being a bookworm and Bibliophile is a great thing. You’ve got the fandoms, the blog, the bookstagram, etc. Rather than listing all the great things about being a bookworm and Bibliophile, I’m going to talk about being the only bookworm/bibliophile in the family.

Quite frankly, sometimes it can really suck. Like a lot.

Only Bibliophile Issue One: They don’t get that reading is AMAZING. If I love a book, and I mean really like, I want to read it all the time. Literally. All. The. Time. I don’t know about yours, but my family don’t understand the NEED and THE AHHHH’s of reading!

OBI Two: The Fake-Judgement. This can get pretty tiresome, as once they start the joking, and teasing, it doesn’t really end and it gets worse and worse. Constantly being called ‘bookworm’ in a negative way can get really hard to deal with, especially when it comes from your family.

OBI Three: Not being able t discuss the feels. Obviously, if no one else has read the book in your family, you can’t discuss the book and completely fangirl/boy about it. But also, if they have read it, but just aren’t into reading that much, they say they liked it, and that’s it really (or that’s how it is with my sister). But another struggle related to this is when someone in your family asks you what you book is about, but they aren’t really asking because they want to know, they’re asking because is “polite” but ends up being rather annoying and rude.

OBI Four: Buying Books. So weblike to buy books once we finish the ones we’ve jut read, right? They don’t get this. Personally, I can’t go without reading anything for more than a couple days, so I order book. Then. . . there’s my family, telling me I order “too many books”, when I only order THREE books!! Urrgghhhhh.

Are you the only bibliophile/bookworm in your family? What’s your experience? Can you relate?




18 thoughts on “Bibliophile Issues: Being A Reader In A Non-Reading Family.”

  1. This is absolutely mom would never understand why I love reading books..but I m Happy that atleast some of my friends share a common interest in reading books as well as watching TV series..

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  2. Yup, I’m the bibliophile. The only one. No one relates.
    When I read, they think I’m being “lazy” and “not doing anything.” Ummm…I’m READING??? Isn’t that DOING something?
    Then, when I get books from the library, my mom tries to look in the car to see if I have a bunch of books I’m “hoarding.”
    The problems of a bibliophile…🤓📚


  3. Ah I know what you mean! My family do not read at all. I remember one time my brother asked for some books for Christmas. I bought the whole series for him excited that he may join in with book love and we can discuss bookish things… it’s been about 6 years and the books are still unread on his shelf 😦

    I’m older now though and these days my parents have just accepted I like reading. I do wish there was someone in the house who was interested! 😛
    I feel your pain- but hey, at least we have the blogging community right? 🙂

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    1. Exactly, the blogging community loves everything! I think that my family is well on the way to finally exerting that I LOVE reading and am nutty about books!
      Did you brother not like the series at all?!

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  4. Problem 3 for me! I never have anyone to talk to about my beloved books 😦 My boyfriend reads, but not as much and he doesn’t get as excited as I do. He indulges me when I get all fan-girl over a book though XD He smiles and nods.

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