Buddy Read Review – Dash And Lily’s Book Of Dares.


I am really excited for this because I’ve never done this before and I’m just really excited. I read Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares with Lia and Eve and we all loved the book. We’ve all answered questions on the book together, and will be spreading them across our blogs, look out for Lia’s here and Eve’s here


Did you like the writing style?

Lu: I loved it! I loved the dual PoV, and how it wasn’t dominant on one character than the other.

Lia: I agree with Lucy, the dual PoV was great, you really saw both sides of the story. I loved how the writers made them have their own voice. You could really recognise the different voices in the story, which added a lot to their personality.

Eve: I thought it was a really great fit for the story – cute and readable. Each of the characters had their own distinctive voices which was really nice to see, and I agree with you both that the dual POV was v effective!

What was your opinion of the world it was set in?

Lia: The setting has a very winter feel to it and I got so into that whole feeling, I just want it to snow and I want Christmas lights and books!

Eve: YAY NEW YORK I LOVED IT. I have no idea if it’s realistic haha but I do love New York so it was super cool 😀

Lu: I really liked where it was set. New York at Christmas time sounded so magical, I think it added loads to the book and made it so sweet.

What was your favourite aspect to the book?

Eve:I just really liked the whole premise – when I was younger I REALLY wanted to do something like this. I adore the idea of being able to reach out to a stranger through leaving a note…

Lu: I really liked how they were both semi-alone at Christmas and found company in a notebook. I found it sweet but a little odd at the same time and wish that the notebook aspect of the book would happen to me!

Lia: I think I loved the most that the characters were so unique and quirky. Dash is kind of rude sometimes, but he is also very smart and funny and sweet. Lily is such an enjoyable character to read about!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about our buddy read!

Do you like buddy reads? What’s your view on them? Let me know!

Lu X 



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          1. Yeah, though I’ve yet to do one! I have one planned with Jasmine @howusefulitis for the ARC Wintersong. She’s been meaning to do one with me but because of school I’ve been so busy!! I hope to do more in the future!


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