3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day One

Happy Fri-yay!

I was tagged by the wonderful Alecia for this tag, you can all find her last quote here, and it really was a winder quote! This is one of my favourite tags, so thank you so much!

As it is one month until Christmas exactly today, I thought I would start to spread some christmas cheer!



Personally, I find that I am way happier around Christmas, feeling “jolly” all the way through to December 25, and into the New Year. Wow, I just realised how close we are to 2017. . . And how close we are to 1 year of this blog!


I nominate:

Fire To The Poppies, (Rhiannon)

Little Booky Nook, (Steff)

I’m Booked By Books (Laylah)

What quotes do you like for this time of year?

Lu x



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