45 Things To Do This Christmas


You could say that I’m excited for Christmas! I’ve compiled a list of loads of great things to do this Christmas, which I’d love to complete as it would make Christmas fantastic : )

  1. Hang fairy lights everywhere.
  2. Get out your cute throw blankets
  3. Spend the day in your pyjamas
  4. Buy a Christmas jumper (I’m currently on the lookout for one ;))
  5. Bake your own gingerbread
  6. Sing Christmas tunes!
  7. Organise a Secret Santa with friends and family.
  8. Visit Santa’s grotto!!
  9. Send cute Christmas cards
  10. Make your own seated candles in mason jars! (You could give these as gifts?)
  11. Go to your local town’s switching on of the lovely lights!!! SO CUTE!!
  12. Visit a fancy department store for festive shopping ideas
  13. Buy / Decorate your Christmas tree with loads of cute decorations, and then the rest of the house!
  14. Make a wreath for the front door (or cheat you can cheat and buy one, which I usually do!)
  15. Kiss someone under the mistletoe 😉
  16. Go see some reindeers because, why not?!
  17. Make some homemade gifts
  18. Make homemade gifts!
  19. Play board games with friends and family ❤
  20. Organise a Christmas party
  21. Build a snowman (if it snows at this time in your country!)
  22. Make some paper snowflakes to hang around the house!
  23. Do some knitting?
  24. Drink some mulled wine??
  25. Visit your family and friends.
  26. Eat way too many mince pies
  27. Buy some fuzzy socks
  28. Hold a Christmas jumper day (we have a jumper day at school)
  29. Leave out a brandy for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph
  30. Bake, bake, bake!
  31. Hang out a stocking
  32. Watch A Christmas Carol and other christmassy movies!
  33. Make DIY gift tags to personalise your gifts
  34. Go to Winter Wonderland in London — I LOVE THAT PLACE!
  35. Go ice skating (outdoors is the best, I find!).
  36. Make a Yule Log because they’re so good!
  37. Make & drink 1000 gallons hot chocolate
  38. Wear a Santa’s hat
  39. Discover a new christmassy spot!
  40. Wear lots of layers and go on a walk in the woods and take loads of winter-y pictures!
  41. Write a letter to Father Christmas
  42. Make a Christmas wish ❤
  43. Stuff peoples stockings and deposit presents under the tree!!
  44. Bake cinnamon rolls ( I really need to improve on these!)
  45. Kick off Christmas day with a good reading session!

Are you in the mood for Christmas? What are your christmas plans?

Lu x

7 thoughts on “45 Things To Do This Christmas”

  1. i was in a bit of a slum today… i got home from school and just wanted to sleep. But your list inspired me! Thank you! I really enjoy your blogs by the way! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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