2016 Achievements & 2017 Aspirations!

Hi, It’s the second to last day of the year and I really want to spend that looking back, but also looking forwards. 2016 has been a huge year for so many people, including yours truly and I feel like reflecting on that would be a greta thing to do. Major events in 2016: Starting my… Continue reading 2016 Achievements & 2017 Aspirations!


An Unexpected Book: Our Chemical Hearts

Hi, So I know that I’ve already done my wrap-up, and I’ve listed all the books that I’ve read this month, but then I went ahead and read another. I couldn’t resist. I started it last night, after finishing Crooked Kingdom, and finished it this afternoon. Henry Page has never been in love. He fancies… Continue reading An Unexpected Book: Our Chemical Hearts

Crooked Kingdom Review: I Pray The Hangover Doesn’t Last Long!

Okayyyyy. fgjaerbvbearbversvlsebhdfsbgyegvugkguxdrgkvvxk. That is my emotional state right now. This book has had cute moment, epic fight scenes, explosions, tense af chapters and made me cry and laugh. IT WAS PERFECT AND ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE. . . WELL BYE. I’m just kidding about that last bit. . . partially. . . Kaz Brekker and… Continue reading Crooked Kingdom Review: I Pray The Hangover Doesn’t Last Long!

December Wrap-Up | December Achievements.

Hi! I’m writing this blog post now as I really want to focus on the new year right at the end of the month. So what happened this month? Well what did I want to achieve?  Bake a lot,(maybe share some recipes?). Post more evenly on Instagram. Make Candles! I’ve honestly wanted to do this… Continue reading December Wrap-Up | December Achievements.

My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Winter Romances!

Hiyaaaa! So this book. Wowzahhhhh. How cute, funny and heartwarming. I’ve been reading this with my Instagram and Goodreads reading group Tea Time Readers an boy, am I thankful for it! From the beginning of December my hear has been filled with wonderful short stories that have made my December amazing. If you love holiday stories,… Continue reading My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Winter Romances!