So. . . Wow! 


The time is 00:37 (when I started writing this) and I realised that I’d just hit 502 followers and I can’t quite believe it. It’s crazy and wonderful to see. When I started this blog 11 months ago I never thought that this would happen, and how mauch it would come to affect my day to day life. I constantly get inspiration from when people say, things around me and the little thiings in life and think, “could I blog about that?”. 

I want to say thank you so much to everyone, for following, but not only that: for interacting, sharing thoughts, sharing positivity and making the blogosphere a wonderful place. If it weren’t for everyone’s support and kindness the world would be much harder and everyone has made this a place where I (and hopefully others) can feel comfortable and themselves! 

I was hoping that maybe you could teel me what you would like more of from this blog? Specific types of post? More social updates? More about books I’d reccomend? 

Thank you again so, so much, 

Lu x 

P. S: I’m thinking of starting a project. A happy one, that focuses on personal growth, maybe with daily/ weekly prompts? It could be in the month of January (when I started Blogging), what do you think? 

36 thoughts on “So. . . Wow! ”

  1. CONGRATS!! OMG I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I know I love the blogosphere it’s like all the best friends you ever wanted in a little computer screen. 🙂


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