Bloggers Secret Santa For. . . ANNIE

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve taken part in Bloggers Secret Santa, set up by Teenella, and it’s such a lovely idea. I was told to be the ‘Secret Santa’ for Annie you can all find her blog here. Merry Christmas, Annie!

Annie blogs about her life, her struggles and her great times, filling us all in on her life. She posts outfit ideas, movie reviews, and holiday related posts (thanksgiving: ‘what I’m thankful for’). I find her posts really relatable, especially the one you can find a link to here as the annoying fads that she talks about in the post are extremely relatable to my schooling situation!

I really love the simplistic layout to her blog, everything looks so clean and neat, and it’s so easy to just go through and read her posts! I also really like how Annie’s christmas-ed-up her blog, displaying a snowman in a very christmassy scene to get others in the Christmas spirit.

Annie is dedicated to her blog, always posting every couple of days or so, and makes her posts friendly and enthusiastic, which I absolutely LOVE as it’s so wonderful to see people who are loving the blogging experience!

Her posts are a great combination of long and short, with little updates and longer, more detailed posts. I think this is wonderful as this is life-blogging at heart. Blogging for joy and because she wants to and about what she wants! I salute you *tips my hat dramatically*.

Can we just pause and appreciate the ulr of her blog for a moment: Volley Ball Gal Blog. I don’t think I’ve come across a cooler name. Just saying it aloud sounds so cool, with the alternate sibilance! I wish that my blog name was that cool. I think I love it because I love volley ball, also. So shout out to Annie for the awesome name!!

I admire her close friendship with Ally, it’s a wonderful thing to see as they’re always tagging each other and being so lovely to one another.

Merry Christmas Annie,

Lu x


11 thoughts on “Bloggers Secret Santa For. . . ANNIE”

  1. Thank you so much! I had to recently have a trip to Cali to go to my grandmother who isn’t doing so well. I just got back! Thank you so much, and sorry this is late: Merry Christmas!!

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