The Winter Comment Challenge of 2017!

Hello everybody!!

Firstly, how was your Christmas?

I’m going to be doing a wrap-up of all the books that I got over Christmas soon, so look out for that!!

Moving on. . .


cc-banner-january.jpgI found out about this via Lia’s blog and thought, “hey, what lovely challenge!”, and thought I’d participate myself!

It’s a challenge set up by Lonna and Alicia

I think that for January I’d love to comment 10 times as I really do love commenting on other’s blogs and meeting new bloggers!

I haven’t participated before, and I dont know who my parter is as of yet, but I am so so excited!!

Will you participate?

Lu x


19 thoughts on “The Winter Comment Challenge of 2017!”

    1. I am really looking forward to it! By the way, should we know who our pairs are? I don’t really know how this works after this stage 😐 ahah

      Liked by 1 person

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