December Wrap-Up | December Achievements.


I’m writing this blog post now as I really want to focus on the new year right at the end of the month. So what happened this month?

Well what did I want to achieve? 
  1. Bake a lot,(maybe share some recipes?).
  2. Post more evenly on Instagram.
  3. Make Candles! I’ve honestly wanted to do this for agessss!
  4. Stay healthy over Christmas, but still enjoy the festivities!
  5. Re-organise my bookshelves.
  6. Send out all my christmas cards!
  7. Review all the books that I read. 

I baked quite a reasonable amount of things this month, none of which I got around to sharing purely because I didn’t want to take credit for someone else’s recipe.

Instagram? TICK! I am so happy that I started uploading more and organising my posts. It made me feel really organised and planned and I loved it. Hopefully the photos were good, :|.

I made candles as little extra gifts and it was so much fun! I still have a ton of soy wax (gotta be good to the environment, y’all) left over and will probably get around to making loadsssss more and playing around with the scents.

I re-organised my shelves multiple times, and once my Book Depository order (FINALLY) arrives I will be mixing it up again. I don’t quite know how many times it will take for me to be happy with them, but I’m getting a little happier with each re-do.

Obviously I got all my cards out on time, and it got me in a really christmassy spirit.

So far I’ve reviewed all the books that I’ve read and will hopefully—fingers crossed—finish Crooked Kingdom in time to review it before the year is out!

Books I wanted to read:
  1. My True Love Gave To Me. Review link here
  2. A Monster Calls. Review link here
  3. The Sun Is Also A Star. Review link here
  4. Crooked Kingdom. 

I’ve read 1-3 and at the moment I am finishing up Crooked Kingdom and am determined to finish it as I am only 116 pages from the end and am pausing my day of reading to write this post!!

Hopefully I can get a review for that out soon!

Other Achievements:

So I hit 500 followers on here??? Which is crazy! Again, I just want to day thank you!

I didn’t blog like crazy this month, like I did in November, but I blogged at least once per week and can hopefully pick up the pace in January and the rest of the new year.

(I know that this isn’t an achievement per se, but finally I got my skin clear!! I am so happy that my skin is better as I’ve been trying to get it clear for months!)

I was actually quite active on Goodreads this month, and I found it really useful in tracking my reading. When I first got it I mainly used it for viewing my whole TBR and checking books off of it, but I’m really getting into some of the other features.

So what did you achieve this month? Let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Lu x


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