How To Survive The Wait For ACOWAR.

The Answer is…..: You. Don’t.


So yes, I’ve been waiting approximately 6 hours and I cannot fathom how some people have waited nearly a year for this book. You could say I’m an impatient person… lol.

I mean seriously, why is SJM torturing us all this way? Huh?

I mean yes, at this moment on time I have a lot more issues that are more serious than a book release, but…. It’s ACOWAR!

Waiting 5 months may not be possible.

What I plan to do: READ ACOMAF UNTIL I CAN RECITE IT FROM MEMORY. That’s how I plan to survive.

It may mean that I become more desperate for this new found drug that is called THE HYPE FOR ACOWAR (lengthy title amirite?) but hey ho. I mean ACOMAF was just amazing and everyone needs that in their lives. Tut, tut, tut, if you haven’t read it yet. EVEN I HAVE! And I am always the last person to read a book so get down to a bookshop/store (whatever you call it in the corner of your world) and get reading!! OKKAAAAAAAAAY???

I just knew that this would happen. I absolutely knew that as soon as I read ACOMAF I would be hooked forever and be unable to function for the rest of my life. Well done Sarah… Now I’m just going to go die painfully in a cave. *anyone get ACOMAF reference?* nope. well this is awkward. Moving swiftly on…

The pain will fester over the months, but we must stand tall as a untied front and survive these emotions. Thank God that I didn’t read this book earlier. LMAO to all of those who did. lol. ahahah. I’m only kidding… or am I?

Okayyyyyyyyyy. So I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gone ABSOLUTELY MAD, and I’m questioning whether any of what I’ve said (ever) made a lick of sense.

So Imma just go and read Court of Midnight and try get over ACOMAF.

Who is joining me in this struggle?

This post is so ridiculous and I’ll regret it later. But for now…

Thanks for reading,

Lu x

28 thoughts on “How To Survive The Wait For ACOWAR.”

  1. I am so glad I found this post ! I just finished the book (better late than never) lol and I am dying D: !! I wanna read the next one so bad I dont know how I am going to wait.

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    1. I’m currently on the second book of ToG, and so far I would say that I prefer this series to ToG, but I think that’s mainly because I read ACOTAR first and got really attached to the characters really early on.
      I feel like in ACOTAR it’s a faster pace compared to the novels in ToG that I’ve read so far and so far there’s more world building and detail. However, I know that ToG takes a turn after the second book (if I’m correct) and there’s more magic in them, which could possibly lead to a lot more world building than there is currently. I’m not really sure on that front yet.
      Another reason that could lead me to preferring ACOTAR to ToG so far is that the books are longer then the first two ToG books so more happens in them, if you get what I mean.
      I feel like with ACOTAR I got attached to the books really quickly, and that with ToG it will be a more gradual process.
      Sorry for the really long reply! I would give the first book, and see how you like it, though I do think that the second is wayyy better as the first one is amazing, and the second is just phenomenal, perfect, infatuating and just everyyythinggggg!

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      1. Thanks for such a thorough reply! I have heard a lot about how amazing ACOMAF is. I like the fact that the books out so far in the series are longer and more developed than the first ToG book, as if I hadn’t heard such good things about the rest of the series, I probably would have left it at the first book. I think I will definitely give ACOTAR a try and I will bear in mind that the second book is something special 🙂 Thanks again for your answer.

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        1. You’re welcome! I would have done the exact same thing with ToG, and I am so glad that people encouraged me to continue with the series because I just finished the second one and OML!!!!
          I am so happy to hear that you’re going to give ACOTAR a try, it’s a great book!

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    1. Im glad that I read it now and not sooner because I don’t think that I could have survived a longer wait, ahaha


  2. I feel your pain! I have been waiting since last May and am just so ready to hold the book in my hands and become immersed within Feyre’s world once again. I need to read ACOMAF very soon because I need more Cassian in my life ❤

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