Let’s see how I’ve failed: What are some of my blogging mistakes?


It’s Monday again, which has now become known as “Confession Monday” because, it seems like Monday has become designated as “feeling expression time”.  I can just tell that I’mma be laughing at myself by the end of the post.

I admit, I’ve made a lot of mistakes over this year. Like A LOT.

The typos and general spelling mistakes have been horrendous and I cringe every time that I see one, and spend about five minutes locating the post and changing it. But my biggest blogging mistake was probably writing the wrong title of a review for a book.


It was written in the frenzy of finishing ACOTAR, and I was so excited to read ACOMAF, that I wrote “A Court Of Mist and Fury Review” rather than “A Court Of Thorns And Roses Review.”

So yeahhhhh that happened…

ALSO (I know, could this  be any more embarrassing?) I also used the wring header image for the post that also said  “A Court Of Mist and Fury” rather than “ACOTAR.”

So that was my biggest mistake, and I didn’t even realise it until MONTHS later.

But, I don’t think that I could have grown from a terrible mistake more than I did from that one. I mean sure, knowing myself all too well, it was bound to happen. I mean, not everyone can achieve such a large c*** up, but hey, now I don’t think that will EVER be happening again. Let’s face it, that’s a “Never Again” kinda moment.

Since then I’ve been way more organised in checking my posts etc, for typos and also when I read what. This is actually super embarrassing.

Let’s talk about some slightly smaller mistakes because that moment was just horrific.

I’m pretty sure that I seemed absolutely horrible in the comments because of my sense of humour (which I need to just calm down with) which I’m sure NO ONE actually understands half of the time.

Also, I think that I hardly communicated with anyone in the beginning, and when I did, used about a million !!!!!!!! and I still do to this day.

So what were some of your blogging mistakes? Let me know!!

Thanks for reading,

Lu x

19 thoughts on “Let’s see how I’ve failed: What are some of my blogging mistakes?”

  1. I agreed to do that Dream Panel for Everbrite and the chick who asked me micromanaged my post! I put it up and then she asked me to make changes twice! I’ll never be doing something like that again…it’s my blog and I’ll post how I want to! 😂

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    1. I’m sure you’ll be great!
      This was mainly me just laughing at myself, I wasn’t really being that harsh, don’t worry : )
      Good luck with your blogging!


  2. Hey this is a really honest post – thanks for that. As someone who is just starting out blogging I really appreciate that you are owning up tot the fact that you make spelling, grammar and general mistakes. I think for me the main thing that I wish to improve is my commitment to one post a week. It is definitely something that will be difficult to commit to with uni and two jobs but i’m being optimistic. 🙂

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  3. I do a weekly meme called The Friday 56 and titled it The Friday 65 once. I use the same format for this post every week and discovered a couple of months ago there was a big grammatical error. This error is present on at least a year’s worth of Friday 56 memes. So…you are by no means alone.

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sharing that! I’m glad I’m not a lone!!! : ). At least now we’ve both learnt from our mistakes and can look back and laugh at them now, ahaha

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  4. Don’t worry. I forgot to send someone an ATC (artist trading card) in the mail for a month and I forgot to email her. So we’re both awkward. And 99% of the time I get your humor. 😉

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