Has something ever stopped you from blogging? How did you over come it?


In the past, I have definitely had something in the past that’s stopped me from blogging. I think when I first started blogging I was finding it difficult to have the confidence to blog, as everyone else seemed so themselves and confident in what they blog about.

What helped me overcome that fear of being some random person blogging was tags/nominations. I felt like by participating in them I was sharing more of myself and also discovering topics that I prefer to talk about/ enjoy to discuss.

I’ve certainly had periods where I’ve lacked inspiration for the content of my blog, and then something has randomly popped into my head and then other ideas flow in from nowhere.

And then there have been times where my emotions have got the better of me and I feel so unenthusiastic about everything or just drained emotionally. And when it comes to that I normally find that as I start to feel more like myself, i have these ideas and think “ohh, I’d really like to blog about that” or “that’d be a nice thing to write about” or something like that.

But then again, sometimes, to just continue blogging, about anything, can get me back  into the swing of things.

When I usually talk about ‘taking time away from blogging’ this normally lasts a few days, or up to two weeks. I’m not very good at ‘taking a break,’ if I’m honest with you. Normally, I find the urge to blog hard to resist and often it’s blogging that helps me feel like myself again. But sometimes, all it really takes is sitting down at the computer and writing something. It doesn’t even have to be published, or even in the wordpress folder, it could be on notes, word, pages, anything.

So that’s me, has anything stopped you from blogging (mentally)?

Let me know and thanks for reading,

Lu x


24 thoughts on “Has something ever stopped you from blogging? How did you over come it?”

  1. The only “thing” that stands in the way is my mom. She gives me crap for being on my tablet all the time. But I have so much to do! So yeah, and sometimes I am not in the “mood” to write…but I tend to post every three days at the most usually.

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    1. I have a similar issue, I get nagged at that I ‘spend too much time at the computer..”
      I think that every three days is a good amount, because then you don’t put pressure, and can blog when you feel like blogging.

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  2. ARGHHH I’m the same! It’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one; I sometimes just think “WHY do I blog? I’m awful at taking breaks too; I just can’t seem to stay away. However, I can become emotionally exhausted and then not have the motivation to blog, or get sad and thusly have no motivation.

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  3. Hey Lu. I just wanted to say I saw this post: https://lureads.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/this-is-probably-the-most-selfish-thing-ive-ever-written/
    You aren’t selfish for writing that in fact you’re braver than me. I give you a lot of credit. You inspire people on here, even if you’re halfway across the globe you still make a lot of people feel a whole lot better. I’m sorry about your friend. I wish I could be there for you irl right now. I hope you feel better, you’re amazing and beautiful and intelligent and kind don’t forget that. 638 people didn’t follow you for nothing.
    Thank You for writing everything you’ve helped me a lot. I love you.

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  4. This is a very honest post. I’m not very good at taking a break from blogging. Sometimes I put enormous pressure on myself to make sure I always have something to post, but I’m slowly learning that it’s better to take a break when you’re not feeling up to blogging. I’m planning on taking at least a couple of weeks off from blogging sometime this year because there are times when blogging can be mentally taxing, especially if you have other things going on in your life that are demanding attention.

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    1. exactly, especially things like school/exams, and work. I find that if I’m stressed out I dont really like blogging as I slowly start to associate blogging as something that I’m stressing about—even though I’m not, really—and I don’t want to do that. If that makes sense?

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  5. Sooo I’m just getting started out with blogging, and it is out of my comfort zone so this relates to me! I am not very confident, I often think “Why would anyone want to read my stuff, there’s so many better writers out there,” but I’m just pushing through that way of thinking. Awesome post, it made me feel better! 🙂

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  6. I started blogging in October, and in November I stopped for over 2 weeks because I let myself get so emotionally hurt by Trump winning the election. I felt heartbroken for the many people who were and still are afraid, I didn’t have in me to write at the time, but after that I made a promise to myself to never stop writing for my blog or otherwise no matter what happens. Going silent doesn’t help, action is far more healing and positive.

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    1. Yeah, I think that it depends in the blogger, and the situation. I’m trying not to take breaks from blogging anymore as I feel like it isn’t as productive to take breaks and I get in the habit of not posting.

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      1. Yeah that’s true, how everyone approaches blogging is very different and how to best approach things for them. It’s great that your working on becoming more productive in your blogging, I hope everything falls into place for you.

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  7. I love this post! I did not start blogging until my friend agreed to do it with me. Not necessarily because I needed her help, she only agreed because I didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself. It felt better knowing that it wasn’t just me throwing my voice into the void of the internet, and that if there were two of us, that maybe we might be stronger. Now, I can’t stop having ideas of things I want to write about, wanting to throw my two cents into the world.There are so many things I have in store for the future of my blog. It’s kind of hard not to give into that urge.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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  8. There are loads of days when I think .. WHY? Why bother .. you know? But usually I snap out off the funk in about two days. Great post btw 🙂

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