What do I love to blog/talk about the most? What do I want to talk about more?


As you already know, this blog is about books, and everything that I love about them. And for me, what I love to blog about the most is books. And I think that it’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

However, what I really love?

It isn’t just shouting my opinions to the internet. No.

It’s when I come across someone that discusses the book/topic WITH me. This is because I come from a family with a Science Dad, an Art Sister and a mum who works full time, and they generally have no interest in discussing ya books with me. And that’s okay, books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In the future I want to talk more about what I’m feeling this blog. Most of the time, if I talk about how I’m feeling I generally end up feeling bad about bothering people with it, and delete it after a few hours. But this year, I want to become more comfortable with sharing what I’m really going though and not put on a mask. I want this blog to represent me. Not an accumulation of posts that are up-beat when the person writing them isn’t feeling that way.

Apart from that, like any bibliophile, I want to talk more about books, rather than just reviews, and also post some of my random thoughts out there. Basically, I want to post about whatever, whenever and feel like I’m not contained to a specific category, i.e. books.

Again, this was a really short post, sorry. What about you? What do you want to talk more about on your blog?

Thanks for reading,

Lu x


20 thoughts on “What do I love to blog/talk about the most? What do I want to talk about more?”

  1. Love this! You blog is your forum, you should feel free to discuss whatever you want without worrying about bothering people. More often than not someone will be able to relate because they’re feeling the exact same way!


    1. Yes, gradually I’m becoming more and more comfortable with sharing how I feel on this blog. Yes, when i do comment, it turns out that I am very much not alone in how I feel


  2. I tend to discuss mainly book related topics for personal preferences, but that can really branch out at times 😉ranging from other hobbies to current life events. Usually though, I do not post many discussions. I tend to find these posts on other blogs and dive in. I need to work on that haha.

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    1. Sam here! I really want to build up the confidence to just host a discussion post or something, as I think that it would be a great way to know other bloggers. It’s so great that you participate in them though, I still dont have the confidence for big discussion posts yet x

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      1. Sometimes the hardest part is having a random thought and then losing it by the time I am home haha. I need to write more down. I am learning to keep notes on my phone. I think the more I started jumping into others the more confident I feel. 🙂

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    1. Same here! I really want to give people that feeling that they can write whatever they want on here. I think that commenting is a really great thing about blogging, and it’s been one of my goals for ages, and I think that it always will be because I will always want to be as interactive as I can 🙂


  3. I think it’s great you want to post more things about your feeling on your blog, after all your blog is yours and represents you…you can write whatever you’d like on it!
    And I’d love to write more reviews/hauls on my blog, but I really get the chance to buy new things so that’s obviously not happening any time soon😂

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    1. Nawww, thank you! I’d love to do more hauls, but I find that with hauls—especially book ones—everyone can see what I got that month by seeing the reviews? I love doing them though, so I’m always hesitant about doing them and don’t want to come across as showing-off or anything, even though I know that it’s not. If that makes sense?
      Hopefully this year/months to come you can post more reviews and hauls when you do buy things 😉

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  4. I think it’s awesome that you want your blog to be a reflection of yourself. People aren’t always happy, so why pretend to be for every post? That’s life. And as for what I blog about, I made a New Year’s reaolution to read a book a week throughout 2017 because I hadn’t been reading as much as I wanted to…maybe like a couple books a year…But! So far so good, I’m on track. 🙂 Then I post little snippets of my reaction to the books on my blog, kind of like to keep track of them all as I go along. I’m really enjoying it. 🙂

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    1. Exactly! Wow, a book per week? Wow, that is commitment! That’s so cool! I think it’s a great idea because then you can look back on everything that you’ve read throughout the year and think, “Wow, I met my resolution!”

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      1. Yeah, and it’s weird because I’ve already read more in this one month of 2017 than I have in the entirety of 2016. How sad my reading habit was!

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