January Wrap-Up.


This month wasn’t that great in terms of meeting my goals, I feel like I only partially met them. But, I did become a lot more social and participated in The Winter Comment Challenge, which was really fun.

My goals were:

  1. › Comment more. Honestly, I feel like I don’t comment enough on others blog and want to become more social. I don’t feel like I commented more, but got to know bloggers a lot better than before. 
  2. › Have more scheduled posts. I dislike my sporadic posting at the moment, and want to change that, maybe posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday?I don’t know, I need to figure out a schedule. I didn’t achieve this, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t blog an awful lot. 

What did I want to read?

  1. ACOMAF,
  2. Crown of Midnight,
  3. Salt to the Sea.
  4. A Game of Thrones.

What did I actually read?

  1. ACOMAF, review here
  2. Crown of Midnight, review here
  3. Heir of Fire, review here
  4. Queen of Shadows, review here
  5. Salt to the Sea, review here

I ended up reading Heir of Fire as well as Queen of Shadows this month purely because I was ill and spent 5 days in bed. I didn’t really want to read them—I wanted to save them for February—but after reading Crown of Midnight, I couldn’t help myself. I loved all of the SJM books that I read, and am looking forward to continuing with them.

I didn’t feel like reading A Game of Thrones this month, I just wasn’t feeling that sort of book, so I’ve moved it to next month, but because of studies for my exam, I’m unsure as to how much I’ll read.

So what did you achieve this month? Let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Lu x

6 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up.”

  1. I always feel like I don’t comment enough either. I’m always trying to find the time to sit down and comment, but it isn’t always easy. Sorry to hear you were ill, I hope you’re feeling better. I can never read when I’m sick which can be really inconvenient. I hope you find a comfortable blogging schedule for yourself. It’s been a pleasure commenting on your blog this month. Hope you have a wonderful February!

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    1. Same here. It’s so easy to say, “oh yeah, i want to comment more…” but I feel like i never really get to sit down for a solid 30 minutes and comment!
      Thank you, I am. I get the same feeling when I’ve got a serious cold or something, but this time it was basically me not being able to walk due to pain in my stomach, so I was literally in bed all day, with only books—and my fat cat—for company! Thank you so much, scheduling is something that I really want to work towards!
      It was so wonderful talking with you too, hopefully we can continue to comment with eachother? It’s been such fun!
      Thank you! And I hope that you have a great February, too! X

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