February Wrap-up

Hi, so I know that I’m on a break, but I really wanted to wrap up February.  So what did I read? Empire of Storms. Review here. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay. Review here. Events this month:  I met with two other bloggers, Elm and L, which was so fun! … Continue reading February Wrap-up


I’m not back.

Hello, how is everyone? After my mini-absence form blogging due to a stressful test week, where I barely spoke to anyone, I am back. But I’m not ready to be back back. Now, sitting at this computer, I realise that I’m not ready to start blogging all positively again. This week, I’ve barely spoken to… Continue reading I’m not back.

5 Of My Favourite YA Authors

  Hi, Not going to lie, these authors are probably the authors that everyone is loving at the moment,  because there are some from recent books that’ve been pretty popularrrrr. Anyway. . .  These are in no particular order, and obviously I have appreciation for every author as they’ve put so much hardwork into writing,… Continue reading 5 Of My Favourite YA Authors

Empire of Storms Review.

*Disclaimer: I doubt that this post will make much sense.* But, hi anyways. OKAY OKAY OKAY. KEEP CALM, LU. So... number five. finished. done and dusted. case closed. (by the way I will be doing a spoiler section at the end, so be careful if you haven’t read it yet!) I don’t think that May… Continue reading Empire of Storms Review.

My Most Anticipated Book Of 2017…

Hi 🙂 I think that some of you can guess which book this is... Or at least the author... Let’s just say... I’ve said a lot about said author on this blog recently... and I think that it’s kind of obvious that my most anticipated book of 2017 is... A Court of Wings and Ruin!… Continue reading My Most Anticipated Book Of 2017…