March: TBR & Aspirations

Hello, happy Sunday!

And. . . Happy March, everyone! Shit, this year is going so quickly. Before we know it, it’ll be the end of the school year, and the holidays will be over in a blink.

My TBR for March:

  1. Milk and Honey.
  2. The One Memory of Flora Banks.
  3. Replica (still—yes, I know, it’s taking ages to read ittttttt!)
  4. I probably shouldn’t commit to a fourth, but I sort of want to, so I’m just going to say “and another” because I cant decide; I’m leading towards ‘This Savage Song’.


  1. Study.
  2. Get back into blogging more regularly / just blog again? I’m not really sure what I’m doing tbh.
  3. Again, comment on/read more blogs! I’m so crap at doing this, it’s unreal.
  4. Make more lists. I love lists and need to organise my life. 

I just want to have an okay month, if I’m honest. Emotionally.

What do you aspire to do this month? Let me know.

Lu x

26 thoughts on “March: TBR & Aspirations”

  1. I love Milk and Honey, that I begged my cousin to buy it for me and bring it when she’s coming to my country, I’ve read it a bunch of times, but I want the hard copy and it just makes me happy

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  2. I really like these March tbr lists. If only I were brave enough to do one! Maybe I’ll get my act together for April?

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    1. Thank you! Yes, go for it! Even if you just write down a few things on paper for this month, see whether it helps you organise and achieve more, then see for April?


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