Pet Hates 

So I’m in a pissy mood and feel like I just need to say this. Literally all my pet hates are being triggered at the moment and I’m going to share them because I’m that passive-aggressive. 

  1. Eating in a disgusting manner. Whether you chew with your mouth open, make ‘tut’ noises when you’re chewing, or talk with your mouth full, it all makes me want to scream at you. 
  2. Being someone’s shadow. Basically someone who stands next to you all the time really close and when you move away a tad to have your own damn personal space, they just move right back next to you so you’re basically giving them a piggyback. 
  3. Being a snake. I’ve already got two pet snakes, I don’t need anymore in my life. This honestly pisses me off. 
  4. Not showing any human decency. How difficult is it to just care about someone else for once? And listen to them? 
  5. People who turn everything they you’re feeling into a joke. It’s just disrespectful and makes them feel shit and think “why did I even tell them?”. 

Okay I’m going to stop here because it’s actually annoying me. 

What are your pet hates? 

Lu x 


8 thoughts on “Pet Hates 

  1. I don’t have pet hates, I have a few pet peeves, though. One of my biggest pet peeves is interuppting me when I’m reading, another one is talking to me when I clearly have headphones on and I’m listening to music.

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  2. I totally agree with you. My pet hates are chewing with a lot of unnecessary noise and making a joke out of everything, that you can’t even have a serious conversation with them 😑

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