(AND I SUCK BECAUSE I DIDN’T DO ONE LAST MONTH) oOKAYY. IT seems like its been forever since I did a wrap-up-thing-me-bobby but I thought that this means it would be a good chance to change things upalilbit. So the past month has been like,,,, pretty exciting even though NOTHHHING has really happened. Aril was actually … Continue reading APRIL WRAP UP.


DNF… Yes? No?

HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. So, I’m reading two books at once because one book just isn’t... GRABBING ME. It’s sad, but it does happen from time to time, (but extraextrasad because I was sososososososo excited for itttttt). BUT DNF-ING.  (      SO DNF = DID NOT FINISH.   DNF-ING = MARKING A BOOK AS ‘DID NOT … Continue reading DNF… Yes? No?