The Horror Movie Book Tag

wow, two posts in two dayyyyyyyss?? *onaroll* so thank you to Maya for tagging me, this looks like a really cool tag and gotta love a good ol book tag. EEEEEEPPPP EXCITE ABOUT BOOKS!!

The rules:

  • Please credit and link Princess@Royal Reader (or just Royal Reader), as the creator of this tag, and add the rules.
  • You can use the graphics provided in your post, or you’re welcome to make your own!
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  • Tag as many people as you want, be it 1 or 20, it’s entirely up to you!

The Zombie Apocalypse:

A book you would save when civilisation ends:

I totally agree with Maya here… I have to pick ACOMAF. This book just gave me all the feels and is so perfect and would support me though the Zombie Apocalypse more than any human being could. *Sorry mankind*

The Vampire:

A book you would stake through the heart (in whatever sense):

*sreams* ahhh no no no to the vampies!

I’m picking The Radleys for this on, *how funny its about vampires* because IT WAS SO STRAGE, and the weirdness creeped me out and I had no clue what was going on so stab stab stab stabby stab stab. 


The Haunted House:

A book that still haunts you:


Twilight — in the sense that I can’t believe I actually liked it when I was younger. 

The Psychological Thriller:

A book with a twist that you did not see coming:

For this one I’m going for We Were Liars, I read this ageeessss ago (before I started this blog snd my other one) and holy chips *keeping this PG 13* I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL. I was in a genuine state of confusion for DAYYYYYSSSSS.


The Creepy Doll:

A book that seems innocent but isn’t:

Anatomy Of Being A Misfit for sure! I thought “ohhh cute contemporary,” but BOYYY WAS I WRONG WRONG WRONG. This went hella dark hella quickly and dangggggg it was traumatic.

The Monster:

A book that you could barely tackle/defeat (in whatever sense):

Again, I’m picking The Radleys. It was the first book I ever DNF-ed and it was so strange and not my sort of book. AND I JUST COULD NOT BATTLE AGAINST THE STRANGEEEE!


The Comedy-Horror:

A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t):

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here! It was a contemporary novel with some huge underlying fantasy/sci-fi thing going on behind the scenes and I totally loved it!


The (Cliched) Teen Horror:

A book you found seriously cliched/ stereotypical:

I’m picking This Is What Happy Looks Like. I read it agessss ago (again, before I started this blog) and I enjoyed it, but it was just superrrrr cliche.


The Demonic Possession:

 A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it:

The Mortal Instruments Series. I read book after book within two weeks and the only reason that I stopped reading them was because the last book wasn’t out at the time. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THEM GO READ THEM NOW. There were so many feels and the plot was crazy amazing.

The Science Fiction:

A precious book you would permanently give to the aliens for the good of mankind:

UURRCHEBAN I’ve been looking at my shelves for about 10 minutes and I cannot for the life of me, and mankind, decide! I’m super indecisive and I’d have to get someone else to decide for me.

Who am I tagging? 

*ahh struggleseeseesee*

  1. All The Jazz!! 
  2. Emma — Reading Through The Night
  3. Shrushti 

Okay I don’t know who else to tag since I did a tag not tooooooo long ago, so if you want to do this tag, consider yourself nominated. 🙂



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