June Wrap-Up | Hello July

SO SO SO HELLO. For me, June went really slowly, I forgot what month it was and how many weeks left we had until like,, a day ago. I’ve not read much, but I’ve loved what I’ve gotten round to! Quite a lot has actually happened this month (not really but it feels like a… Continue reading June Wrap-Up | Hello July


You Were Nosy And Here Are My Answers!

HELLO MY CHERUBS. SO BLOODY AGES AGO (like a week but shush) I ASKED YOU TO ASK ME QUESTIONS AND YOU DID!! YAY IT WASN’T A COMPLETE FAILUREEEE #thankyou. SO I ACTUALLY—hang on why am I in caps??—love Q&A things because even though I post,,, quite a bit now,,, I’m still not sure how well… Continue reading You Were Nosy And Here Are My Answers!

Mystery Blogger Award!

Hey everyone, how are you? I was nominated by the lovely Riana for this tag. You can go and visit her blog here. The Mystery Blogger Award was created Okoto Enigma and you can find a link to that blog here. This is, no lie, one of my favourite tags to do, so thanks for… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award!


Hey everyone! So it’s pride month, and even though I don’t identify as LGBTQAI+, I still believe that supporting those who are and promoting awareness are super important. I love reading diverse books, and it isn’t just because they’re diverse, but I think that it’s because they are truly wonderful and have really great messages… Continue reading PRIDE YA BOOKS!

The Ooran Host Club Book Tag!

Hey!! So I want to thank the amazing Maya for tagging me to do this tag! I have no idea what this anime is about, but it looks fun nonetheless!! The Rules: Thank the person who tagged you! ALWAYS PINGBACK TO CREATOR (icebreaker694) she wants to see your post. Answer all the questions below! (You… Continue reading The Ooran Host Club Book Tag!

Caraval Review!

Hellooo my minions! I greet thee with another review this month! Today, I would have spent most of the day in hospital, but as this is a scheduled post I can’t really say what’s happened as well... because it hasn’t happened yet! On with the review! For me Caraval was very much an impulse buy,… Continue reading Caraval Review!

Books I Love But Never Reviewed #I’m Sorry.

HELLOOOOOOO!! I only started my blog 1.5 years ago, and before then, I loved to read. And even when I did have my blog, I only really started reviewing books in August of last year. Now,,, obviously, I would LOVEEE to go back and reread everything I've ever read and review them for you and… Continue reading Books I Love But Never Reviewed #I’m Sorry.

Would You Rather Book Tag!

HEYYYYYYYY!!!! I found this tag agesssss ago somewhere, and I saw it again on @siamybooks blog and it looked super super fun! I don’t know who the creator is, so if anyone can tell me it would be great so that I could credit them 🙂 1. Rather read only series or stand-alone books? HMMMMMM I… Continue reading Would You Rather Book Tag!

800 Followers // Q & A

Hello human beings of all the realms! I’ve reached 800 followers on my blog, and I would like to say a mwahusive thank you to everyone. While I believe that follower count doesn’t determine how good a blog is, I still cannot believe that 800 people would actually want to hear me rambling on and… Continue reading 800 Followers // Q & A

Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag!

Hey so I’ve seen these everywhere on booktube and around on de blogs, so.,,,, I thought why not jump on the band wagon? Honestly, for me I think that 2017 has been a really good reading year so far. I’m super optimistic for the rest of this year, especially this summer and I can’t wait… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag!