5 Book Recommendations From 2017 (So Far!)

So we’re halfway through 2017 and if I’m honest, I’ve read a lot more books than I usually would by this time in a year mainly bc I was sick in January and read about 4 books in a week and since have just been reading books faster. Anyway.

So most of these will be fantasy because I suck and have fallen into this pit of fantasy with dragons, swords, explosions and war.

Of course I’m tempted to recommend every book I’ve read this year because they’ve all been pretty good at the least. So here goes me trying to narrow this down to five books.

1. A Court of Mist and Fury.

– I mean like,,, of course! If you haven’t read ACOTAR then OBVS 17927395read that too but this book gave me life and killed me all at the same time. (I’m being sneaky and saying that this also recommends ACOWAR mwjaahhh.) BUT YEAAASSSSSS acomaf acomaffffffffffffff!!!!!!  I legit recommend TO EVERYONE ON EARTH EVER. (don’t judge me)
Heres a picture of the cover bc,,,,

why the hell not

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.

30065028– again,,, life was given. I mean this may not be everyyyyyone’s cup of earl grey because its a screenplay, blah blah, people may not like that writing style / format, blah blah, but tbhhhhh with y’all, it would legit be a life saver during a reading slump since you can read it so damn quickly and feel hella motivated to actually get yo reading on. (what the hell happened to my talking/writing just then?????? who dafaque knows? *confusedface*)


3. Shadow and Bone.22819449._UY200_

– thinking about it, I read this a while ago, and tbhhhhh I can still remember everyythanng that happened. It’s that memorable. Okayyy tbh I might be a little worried if I couldn’t remember something from like,, a few months ago, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT! What I’m trying to say is that this book is hella great, hella memorable, and hella exciting. GO READ PEOPLE OF EARTHHHH.


4. Illuminae.

23395680-this was like nothing else I’ve ever read. GO READ.

moving on.

No but like seriously, if you haven’t read this before the zombie apocalypse comes along,, damn you really wasted your time.

Like,,, you REALLY wasted your time.


5. Lady Midnight.

25494343– yay! we made it! whoaaa would you loook at that. I bet everyone who religiously follows my blog (all say eye!! *tumbleweed*) will see that this is one of my most current reads (actual last book I read is mentioned w/ first rec) and I was a literal mess in my review? I was tryn’a be proper and discuss like a human, but the wild bookworm-ravenging-side slipped free at times and made me seem a lil bit craayyyyy to the crayyy crayyyyy. But yo! it was a great read and my.emotions. (butbtw you have to read tmi first because of not the shadow hunters will come and seraph-blade-shank you *imnotthreateningyoudw go read in peace(onceyouvereadtmi)*)


is that five?? have I lot the ability to count?? I dunnoooo kay? I blame the books. these are pretty much MUST READS for all the ~proper~ ya readers among us BUT I SUCK AND ONLY READ THEM THIS YEAR DON’T REPEAT MY MISTAKES CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.

But, I know that these books aren’t like,, obscure and are pretty much the popular books, so if you want more recommendations from what I’ve read this year you can go to my page here where I list everything that I read bc why not?

Anyway, that’s it form me.


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