800 Followers // Q & A

Hello human beings of all the realms!

I’ve reached 800 followers on my blog, and I would like to say a mwahusive thank you to everyone. While I believe that follower count doesn’t determine how good a blog is, I still cannot believe that 800 people would actually want to hear me rambling on and on about books? It’s a pretty crazy thing. 



I literally want to set up a hug-conveyor-belt thing and give everyone a massive hug, however, this may be impossible to do RIGHT NOW (maybe in the future).


largeI started this blog, and never thought that my blog would have 800 followers and more importantly, that I would find so many wonderful people that I talk with every single day  and impact my life in such a great way. Never have I sounded so DAMN CORNY AND CHEESY AND URHA but WHAY NAOT? 


Also, as a mini “celebration” of this, and bc its been FLIPPING AGES, I would ask that you leave me some questions in the comments. You can ask me literally anythings, and however many questions you’d like!


AGAIN, thank you all you’re all literally the best! ❤

Lots of Love,



40 thoughts on “800 Followers // Q & A”

            1. lol yes me too. even now I’m like mehegaffba what if people don’t like it??!? but what to keep in mind is that you are posting what YOU want to post about, and thats what matters.


  1. Aww yay congratulations!! That’s amazing, and well deserved!😄
    My questions are: what’s your favourite quote/saying?
    Cats or dogs?
    What’s your best school memory?
    What’s three of your favourite books of all time?

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  2. Congrats!! What’s your favorite classical book? What’s your favorite book to film adaptation? Favorite book when u were a kid?

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  3. Congrats on 800 followers!
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and I’m definitely hooked. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by and check out my posts!
    femmerewritten.com 🌸✨🌷💕

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