15 Excuses For Buying Books (though I already have 1000 on my shelf un-read).

Hello Cute People!!!

As a book-enthousiast, book-lover, bibliophile and general bookworm who eats READS books faster than a hamster running in a hamster-running-wheel-thingy, I have a littttttlllllleeeee obsession with BUYING BOOKS CONSTANTLY AND suffers extreme abibliophobia (the fear of running out of reading material).

I may have bought A LOT of books recently (WHICH IS MAKING ME REALLY HAPPY JUST BY THE WAY) and I’ve realised… if i want to buy EVEN MORE books imma better have some damn good excuses.

SO WHY NOT share a list (I LOVE LISTS!!!) full of all the things I tell myself to make myself feel better about spending all my book vouchers and moneymoneymoney. 

  1. I actually have NO books to read. like genuinely,,, this happens every 10,000 years or so. And if you run out of books then,,,, the WORLD SHALL END!!!!!!!!!!1screaming
  2. I’ve nearly *not really* finished ALL the books I have!! You gotta stock up,,, ya know??? because,,,, the world—again—shall end if you don’t have any new books to read because one must always be reading… DUHHHHH. 1xlz7
  3. I’m in the book shop already, you can’t go into a book shop and NOT buy a book… that’s just silly! WHOOPSIES,,,, you’ll just HAVE to buy a some books then
  4. LOOK… BOOK SALE — MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE! (how could one not?!)

    Me whenever I see a boy sale.
  6. It’s ‘Buy one get one free’, maybe I’ll just pop into the shop… *buys 1000* I must obeyyyyyy the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. 
  7. I’m sad… a book will make me happy…large
  8. aww, they didn’t have the book I wanted, I’ll just have to buy another book to comfort myself…….. (this actually works, I KID YOU NOT)
  9. I have all these book tokens *showers in gift cards* it would be RUDE not to spend them,,,,, *RUNS TO BOOK STORE*
  11. EVERYONE IS READING THIS BOOK!! I MUST!! It sounds AMAZINGGGGGG. (But like,,, don’t only read books because it seems like everyone else is)
  12. The movie is coming out soon!! You have to read the book first!! DUH.
  13. Well… I don’t have anything else to spend my money on… and….

    OUAT REFERENCE,, MY SMOLS (currently reading it now shush)
  14. I don’t spend my money in anything else,,,, and I don’t need anything else at the moment…. sooooo WHY NOTTTTTTT?
  15. IM MAD ABOUT BOOKS, AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME OKAAAAY? YOU DARE FACE MY WRATHHHHHHHHHH????????????????//signs-you-love-game-thrones

SHHHHH everything is going to beeeee fineeeeeeeeeee… (or so she thinks).

Okay,,, so right now I’m slowlyslowlyslowly running out of books and I’m a bit on edge atm because I have a few,,, (but I’m sure I have more than I think).

anyways… see you next postttttttttt


27 thoughts on “15 Excuses For Buying Books (though I already have 1000 on my shelf un-read).”

  1. Oh my gosh!! I agree with so many of these!! But my mums like “you don’t need it their just gonna gather dust after you read them” 😩😩 so now I have to borrow from friends 😂 but frankly there’s nothing better then book shopping and a brand new crisp book xx


  2. YES LU! KEEP YOUR BOOKSHELVES SATISFIED AND AND NEAR BURSTING! One can never have too many books. *sighs* if only my family understood my need for a book-buying spree every week!

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