The Caraval Book Tag

I literally LOVE this book so much so when I saw this tag from thrice read I just HADDDDD to do it myself!

Caraval_final cover (1)

Invitation Letter | A Book Release That You Have Waited Patiently For For A Very Long Time

ERM…….. I waited ages for ACOWAR, but like,, not even that long, I’m just WAIT WAIT WAITING for the CHAOL novel because for me this novel might either break or make the whole TOG novel because I’m finding it a bit too problematic at the moment, despite loving it at the time.

Scarlett Dragna | Who Is Your Favorite Book Sibling

ER, literally,,,, idk. I have  a sibling already. YOU CANT GIVE ME ANOTHER.

Julian Marrero | A Character That You’d Like To Tag Along In A Magical Escapade

J U L I  A N  M A R R E R O.

D U H. H E’ S  H O T  A N D  F U N N Y  A N D  A M A Z I N G!

The Mood Changing Dress | What Is One Book That Really Toyed With Your Feelings

I’m going with The Hate U Give 

Carousel of Roses | A Book That Is Too Beautiful, It Hurts

A COURT OF MIST AND FURY. This is my favourite SJM book so far,, like,,, the whole book is so parfecttttttttttttt I cry *withers and dies*

Castillo Maldito | A Book That Made You Lose Track Of Time

CARAVAL…. I literally picked this book up one afternoon and then all of a sudden I had read 100 pages and had no idea how long id been sitting there.

A Heart Made of Black | A Book Or Character That Has Given You Trust Issues

Hmmmmnnn,,, I really didn’t trust Strumhond from the Grisha Trilogy at first, but of course by the end of Siege and Storm his charm had won me over!! #STILL NEED TO READ RUIN AND RISING!

Burnt Sugar Cider | A Book That Has A Monochromatic Start But Is Still Worth It In The End

HMMMMN. I’m thinking THE HOST for this one. The beginning was a little slow for me, as there isn’t much happening tbh and the writing style is just a little slow because of the detail, but it is SOOOOO worth  it.

Donatella Dragna | A Character That Has The Most Unexpected Turn


The Caraval | A Magical Place Where Dreams And Wishes Do Come True

Velaris! DUH. #VELARISFOREVER #VELARIS4LIFE (cringey hashtags amirite??)

So,, I wasn’t tagged for this, so its not really fair that I tag anyone. But carry it along for sure!!

See you next post,,


6 thoughts on “The Caraval Book Tag”

  1. ACOMAF will forever be one of my favorite YA books out there right now. It’s just so GOOD. And I got lost in Caraval too! I really liked the carnivalesque aspect to it and the mystery element was really fun to try to figure out. That ending was so thrilling! The Host is actually a favorite of mine. I’ve reread it several times. But I always skip a few chapters in the beginning and immediately start when Wanda/Mel get to the tunnels. The beginning IS a bit…eh. I wish Velaris were real!!! Great answers, Lu! 😀

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