So. I’ve been reading like a lot of fantasy at the moment and I TRIED to read a contemporary AND IT DIDN’T WORK.



I semi saw not liking this book coming, but I was IN THE MOOD FOR CONTEMPORARIES which is probably why I feel SO LET DOWN.

ERM so I was super hyped to read this book. But I just couldn’t get into it.


It was too cliche for me, and I really enjoyed reading about the culture, and I thought that there would be more.

But to me, it very quickly became high-school-drama-esque and I REALLY didn’t like that. It became a shallow read, and I thought that it would be more cultural. Because of all the drama, I was unable to get past page 150.

As well as this, I dislike Dimple immensely. She hated on her mother, when all she wanted was for Dimple to embrace her culture.


As well as this, she treated Rishi so poorly. She got aggressive and annoyed whenever he did something nice for her, and acted in a rash and defensive manner. And then, on top of that, she would all of a sudden be so cliche and insta-love saying how he understood her like no one else???

it was so conflicted.


And on top of this, Rishi. He was a nice guy. he didn’t deserve that. But then he also had this insta-love towards Dimple and had these extremely cliche phrases on how she understood him.. bla bla, and that just made me CRINGE.

I was shaking my head, or cringing, or getting annoyed with Dimple and I just really did not get along with this book in the slightest. 

For me this book was all about the hype, which I don’t agree with as this book really isn’t my cup of tea. this book is ginger and lime tea when I’m more of an Earl Grey kinda girl.

What did you think of this book?





  1. I totally get why you disliked this book 🙂 personally I really liked it because I like reading contemporaries but it’s understandable, especially with the hype. I’m sorry that you were disappointed and even though I liked this book, I’m not going to scream at you/get annoyed because everyone has their own opinion and reads things differently xx

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  2. Great review! I finished the whole book but was greatly conflicted. While it was cute and all, Dimple was extremely annoying! I hated her so much! I don’t understand why this was so hyped at first. Lately though I’ve started seeing some lower rated reviews as opposed to the glowing five stars everyone gave it when it first came out. It seems people are starting to realize that maybe it isn’t that good a book.

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    1. Thank you!! I’m happy that I’m not the only one that saw Dimple as really conflicted, and actually found her annoying!
      I’m finding that too at the moment, tbh, I find that with really hyped books it happens a lot. People write 5 star reviews because theyre so swept away by the hype, and then they sort or realise(?) that maybe it wasn’t soooo great.

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        1. Yeah, it really is. When I write reviews I always have to leave it a few days if its a new realise because I want to actually reflect on what I’ve read and gather an opinion that isn’t just “gaahhh I love this book!”


  3. I’ve been going back and forth on this book for the simple fact that I’m starting to read more contemporary, and more diversely, but I think it’s told from both Dimple and Rishi’s perspectives in alternating chapters.

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    1. It is yes, and sometimes there remixed perspectives in a chapter too. I thought that this book would be more diverse, and it did start out that way, but then by 60 or so pages in, in almost lost the whole cultural aspects to it


  4. I haven’t read this book, and I don’t know if I even want to. The cover’s cute, but it got talked up so much, I started getting annoyed by the hype. If I do decide to give it a chance, it’ll probably be from the library, because I don’t see myself actually owning a copy, regardless of my thoughts of the content.

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  5. I haven’t read it and don’t plan to…this is more a book I will recommend to my students comfortably without me needing to read it beforehand. Always a plus since I’m not much of a contemporary reader. Sorry it was overhyped.

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    1. Aw, thank you, Steph. Yes, I tend not to read these kinds of books too, but I gave it a chance because I thought that it would be more about the culture and it wasn’t 😦

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    1. I would say maybe give it a chance? it may be just because I don’t read a lot of contemporary books now? But definitely check out some other peoples thoughts before making a decision.


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